Thursday, June 13, 2024

King Mswati impressed with Zambia’s manufacturing industry


Visiting King Mswati the third of the of the Kingdom of Eswatini is impressed with Zambia’s manufacturing industry that are promoting the aspect of locally produced goods at the Lusaka South Multi Facility Economic Zone.

And King Mswati   has described the products being produced by different companies as one of the world class products.

He noted that the local manufacturing of the products is a good idea as it does are not only create jobs for the local people but that they are also contributing to the promotion of value addition.

He stated that promoting locally produced goods for any country is important for the sustainability and development of the economy.

King Mswati noted that Zambia should be commended because the first-class products are not just being used here but that they are also exported to different parts of the countries.

“I am happy with what I have seen here, we have visited a number of companies and what is good about this is that these are locally manufactured food that in my own observation this is one of the first world class products,” King Mswati noted.

And acting Minister of Commerce and Trade Felix Mutati described visit by the king to different companies as successful.


  1. Iwe King Mswati we import everything from SA due to the economic destruction left behind by PF’s 10yr reign of rotten economic policies.No industries here except Kachasu,tujilijili and mukula theft.

  2. That King with many wives and richness while the people in Mswati are suffering has lost reality touch to the real world.

  3. If a Zambian man wears chitenge like King Mswati, they will label him as a gay. Most of gays in Zambia hang themselves.


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