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Kylian Mbappe and Les Bleus call for end to violence in France


France captain Kylian Mbappe and the national football team, known as Les Bleus, have called for an end to violence and emphasized the need for “dialogue and reconstruction” amid ongoing protests in the country following the fatal police shooting of a teenager. The unrest began after Nahel M, a 17-year-old, was shot by police as he drove away from a traffic stop earlier this week.

Mbappe, who plays as a forward for Paris St-Germain and was appointed captain of the French national team in March, took to his Instagram story to express his stance. He stated, “Violence solves nothing, especially when it inevitably turns against those who are expressing it.” The 24-year-old footballer urged for “peaceful and constructive” protests, highlighting the futility of violence.

Les Bleus, speaking on behalf of the France team, echoed Mbappe’s sentiments in a statement posted on social media. They expressed shock at the tragic death of Nahel and called for an end to violence, emphasizing the need for “mourning, dialogue, and reconstruction.” The players acknowledged the expression of popular anger but emphasized that the destruction of property and neighborhoods was not a viable solution. They urged for alternative peaceful methods of expression.

Les Bleus emphasized the need for appeasement, awareness, and accountability, stating, “There are other peaceful and constructive ways of expressing ourselves. This is where our energies and our thoughts must be focused.”

Coach Didier Deschamps also expressed his support for the initiative taken by the players, welcoming their message. He acknowledged the tragic incident and extended his condolences to Nahel’s family. Deschamps shared his conviction that violence never resolves issues and expressed his hope for an improvement in the situation.

Meanwhile, as protests continue across France, Tour de France organizers have assured that they are prepared to adapt to any situation. The iconic cycling race, which starts in Bilbao, Spain on Saturday, is set to enter France on Monday. Race director Christian Prudhomme stated that they are in constant communication with state services and monitoring the evolving situation. They remain ready to adjust their plans if necessary.


  1. I remember a time when Les Bleus (The Blues) had leaders in the team now they have spoiled kids with big egos like Kylian as their captain!!

    • This may have been ignited by the police killing but the real fuel is unemployment. Zambia needs to learn this lesson. France has too many unemployed just waiting for something to spark them to a riot. Remember they are rioting for the second time in 3 months and they seem to be well organised because they have done it before

    • Kadansa – Please dont compare Zambia to France, those unemployed if they have papers they get welfare unlike in Zambia…there have always been racial tensions in France and distrust of the police.

    • Yeah Les bleus and Mbappe are employed. In fact they are even employers. You think the unemployed will listen to them?

  2. Not long before zambia also experiences such upheavals. The upnd police are trigger power hungry thugs working under the direction of hh The people will revolt. You have been warned you crooks!

    The police are after me to persecute me because some upnd members hold grudges. Catch me if you can. Upnd courts upnd police ,fuseke!!!

    • It has no shame at all the same thing for the last 3-4 years of childishness…when it gets really bored or irritated it goes to cloning other bloggers accounts.

  3. This is what Western Society is always scared of. Since Karl Marx’s predictions of impending revolution, that of the proletariat’s rise against the haves. Western governments have done everything to ward off the revolution: food coupons socialwelfare etc. Books like Animal farm were strategically sold out to the masses to counter any Bolshevik like revolution. Now the West are very warily watching events in France in this era- And wow! France’s socialist party are busy smacking their lips and rubbing their hands. France, land of the French revolution!

  4. To Mbappe and Bless, thanks for your support for calmness.
    What is happening in France is hunger. Inadequacies and anger at government supposed unfulfilment of citizens’ needs is happening across democratic Western Europe.
    If this was happening in Russia, most people would be joyously clapping hands, as they did when soldiers mutinied and widely publicised, celebrated it as a coup d’etat on a despot leader; when the golpista was worse than the dictator.


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