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Stray elephants kill 58 year old man in Nkeyema


A 58-year-old man of Kalale area in Nkeyema District of Western Province has died while another one sustained serious injuries after being stamped on by 15 stray elephants  from Kafue National Park that have invaded the area.

The incident occurred yesterday July 2, 2023 around 12:10 hours.

Kahilu Mungomba 50, brother to the deceased, confirmed the development and named the deceased as Godwin Mungomba.

Mr Mungomba disclosed that the brother met his fate after villagers decided to pose for photos near the stray elephants amidst chaos which agitated the beasts.

The deceased is said to have sustained a smashed head, broken legs and arms and the body has since been deposited in Nkeyema zonal mortuary awaiting postmortem.

“There were  15 stray elephants coming from the eastern direction of Kafue National park, upon reaching Kalale area, people gathered around the elephants whilst taking photos and making noise which made the elephants charge and kill the deceased,” he explained.

And Wildlife and National Parks Public Relations Officer, Zacks Sakabilo, who also confirmed the incident, said the department is on the ground to ensure the animals are taken back into the park.

Mr Sakabilo has called on the farmers in the area to ensure that they harvest the maize from their fields as it is attracting the animals.

He said the Ministry regrets the development especially that there is loss of life.

“I can confirm that 15 elephants are in Kalale area, one person has died and another one injured.

“People have delayed removing their maize from the field and that is attracting the animals. Officers are on the ground and the Ministry regrets the loss of life,” he said.


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    • People have become lowest styupid with these pictures sh!t.
      Why take pictures of elephants, to post on WhatsApp?

  1. “Mr Mungomba disclosed that the brother met his fate after villagers decided to pose for photos near the stray elephants amidst chaos which agitated the beasts.”
    More like encroaching human beings who are too stupid not to read the signals but just interested selfies.

    • kci – As if Lazy Lungu never missed an opportunity for one…I mean this is a leader who used to shamelessly brag that he was holder of the sack of money!

  2. I would have understood if it was foreign tourist from overseas that were attacked. For people that live around these areas are very much aware of the behavior of elephants. Taking selfies and making noise is a well-known NO NO with elephants.

  3. The way national parks are being managed and treated, points to a situation of them disappearing. The authorities are diminishing the respect and what national parks stood for. Especially in our country.

  4. That was too risky…. you don’t know the animals and the animals don’t know you so how do you take selfies without their consent?

  5. Rodney Sikumba the tourism minister should be taking selfies with these elephants instead of trying to destabilize Chembe bird sanctuary.

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