Monday, June 17, 2024

Government Clarifies Position on Allegations Regarding Former President’s Family


Government wishes to categorically deny allegations by members of the family of the former President Edgar Chagwa Lungu that it has played a part in influencing the alleged demonisation, on various media platforms, of some members of that family who are presumed to own properties suspected to be proceeds of crime.

It is important to emphasise that Government’s intention is not to demonise any individual or family, let alone, members of the family of the former President but rather to ensure transparency, accountability, and adherence to the rule of law.

Further, it is imperative to note that the dissemination of information through news items published in tabloids and social media platforms as well as broadcast on various radio and television stations is beyond the control of the Government.

We want to emphasise that Government does not control the content or editorial decisions of media outlets. The responsibility for news coverage lies with the media organisations themselves. The Government neither influences nor endorses the demonisation or sensationalisation of stories involving individuals, including the former President or his family members.

In cases where the Government is directly involved in providing information to the media, we strive to ensure transparency, accuracy, and fairness. Our intention has always been to present information in a manner that upholds the principles of justice and respect for all involved.

Furthermore, we understand the concerns expressed by the Lungu family about the alleged negative portrayal of their father in the media. However, it is crucial to remember that media organisations operate independently, and their editorial choices are beyond the control of the Government.

We do not condone the sensationalisation or undue exposure of individuals involved in any investigations, as it can undermine the integrity of the legal process and cause unwarranted harm.

Our priority is to ensure a transparent, thorough, and fair investigation into matters related to property suspected to be proceeds of crime. Any actions taken by law enforcement agencies are guided by legal protocols and procedures, with the aim of upholding the principles of justice and due process.

In conclusion, Government affirms its commitment to upholding the rule of law and ensuring a fair and just process for all individuals.  full pdf statement here Statement on the Lungu Family

(Original copy signed)
Hon. Makozo Chikote, MP


  1. We should just introduce a law which assumes an immediate former President is corrupt……….

    And is investigated until he proves he did not steal…….

    These people don’t learn and get drunk with power…………

  2. I don’t care if they are victimised and persecuted. We suffered alot under their leadership. Go hard on them! My uncle was beaten by pf cadres and almost lost his life. What saddens me is that HH has forgotten people like him who sacrificed everything.

  3. He’s got grey silicone gasket in the head instead of the usual grey matter. The ACC and DEC operations were moved to State House under the new dawn. We read in media reports how Esther Lungu is alleged to have built flats worth millions against her meagre income. The narrations even detailed how her bank accounts were analysed. Why was this released to the press instead of the DPP for prosecution if the motive wasn’t to demonize the Lungu family?

    • To avoid lenthly and costly court cases……….

      With overwhelming evidence exposed………

      most suspects chose not to go to court and surrender the ill gains………..

      Law enforcement agencies use such tactics………

  4. UPND govt are amatures at this game…this is a chess game the Lungus they have made a premptive move with this Hollywood style performance by young Tasila. The govt is now left having to depend itself plus where is Chushi C Kasanda? Why is she in that office if she is incapable of doing the mere basics of that office?

  5. Bandit HH is a coward…he is a thief himself no wonder he is not fighting corruption…If they’re is evidence that Bandit Lusaka looted our resources then he should be sent to jail together with all his Ministers…but again HH how do you start working with known Bandit Kelvin Sampa…Bandit HH should also be arrested in 2026 when he is out of office

  6. The best way to treat a rumor is to ignore it. You don’t have to clarify unless there’s some element of truth in what the victim is complaining about. They stole and you have evidence then why the drama. You simply arrest them and by the time it becomes public they will have been imprisoned. This is not Mpali or some dour sitcom. It’s reality and the people are real.

  7. kkkkkkkkk this is pure witch hunt no two ways about it and no one can deny this.But just wait and see how things will unfold pantu no ushalimo akabamo. It will be total ………kkkkkk just look and see.

  8. Original copy signed)
    Hon. Makozo Chikote, MP

    How many chief govt spokespersons are in this govt? Can someone clarify this,because i don’t know what to tell my child before he fails civic education or social studies.

  9. This current government they have no plans on how their going to build this country in term’s of good infrastructure i mean good one’s like other countries here in Africa and outside Africa.
    Any one if your working you have they rights to build what kind of a property you what in life,because you get paid,sometimes don’t think you will rule forever or make decision forever and 2026 it is around the coner stop worsting time in all this drama you’re busy making.Tomorrow it be you and people will laugh at you.

  10. Further, it is imperative to note that the dissemination of information through news items published in tabloids and social media platforms as well as broadcast on various radio and television stations is beyond the control of the Government…… arrest them because you have already shown that you can arrest those who publish false information against the Upnd.

  11. The Zambian way of doing things is akin to a D@GG CHASING IT’S OWN TAIL…..going round and round in circles and never succeed. How many of these INESTIGATION/PROSECUTION CIRCUSES are Zambians going to be subjected to every time there’s a change of govt?

    • Chiluba did it to Kaunda, Mwanawasa went after Chiluba. Mwanawasa was lucky (you would say) becoz he died before he was subjected to the same treatment. Unfortunately for Banda, he got the flack Mwanawasa was supposed to get. Micheal Sata escaped the scorn and rath Mwanawasa-style, poor Lungu was left holding the bag. He is now suffering the humiliation and scorn meant for both Sata and himself from a uniquely UNPROFESSIONAL and UNDISCIPLINED justice system and its cohorts.

    • Continue…

      What I don’t understand is; If there were suspected crimes committed by any previous Govt and Officials, why can’t these matters be quietly investigated then let the public know by way of an INDICTMENT? Periodically updating the Nation about an ongoing investigation is one thing and acceptable. But careless/strategic leaks to the media are totally wrong, unprofessional and serves no purpose whatsoever other than injure people who are subjects of investigations and may turn out to be totally innocent.

    • Continue…

      And quite frankly, if incumbent Presidents/Govts, past and present, spent only a fraction of the TIME, ENERGY, RESOURCES and ZEAL developing our country than wasting it on this f0@lishn3ss, which has resulted in NOT EVEN ONE SINGLE SOLITARY CONVICTION, Zambia would be HEAVEN ON EARTH. But here we are again, CHASING OUR OWN TAIL as a nation and expecting different result. Good luck Zambia!

  12. Hakahinde, his family and his Cabinet should look forward to the same treatment and harassment when his time in State House is up. What a country!!!!

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