Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Church urged to continue preaching peace


A clergyman in Solwezi District of North Western Province has called on the church to continue preaching peace and unity for national development.

New Apostolic Church Solwezi-Mwinilunga Apostle Area, Patrick Poho has told ZANIS in an interview that peace is fundamental to the social and economic prosperity of any government.

Apostle Poho says when there is peace and unity in the country, citizens are free to engage in economic activities that can ultimately lead to the growth of the economy, hence the need for the church to continue with its mandate to pray for peace in the nation and unity among leaders.

He has further called on the Church not to relent from preaching the word of GOD and baptizing people of all nations as well as leading them to salvation.

Meanwhile, Apostle Poho says the New Apostolic Church will continue carrying out Corporate Social Responsibility programmes by partnering with the government through the Disaster Management and Mitigation Unit (DMMU).


  1. High cost of living, unemployment and torcher of citizens are a threat to peace and development. These clergies who are sponsored mouth pieces do not stand for its people. For as long as they have full bellies, they will not say what really matters in society. Jesus himself stood against injustices in society and that is why he was crucified, just like the way Imenda and HH are crucifying the Catholic Priests.

  2. If the churches stuck to their mandate and taught your christian values
    of good morals coupled with hard work, things may improve
    By the way Jesus did stand for injustices but he said he was the son of God
    Nero and Herod also classed themselves as GODs and thats why he was crucified
    all be it for 3 days

  3. Catholic priests at seminary all over the world are taught to speak against social injustice, oppression and abuse of human rights. This is well known in Europe.

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