Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Kalabo Council secures land for dumpsite


Kalabo Town Council has secured a dump site for disposal of solid waste.

District Planning Officer, Davison Kamuli says the dump site has been sourced from a traditional leader for a two-year lease period on a temporary basis.

Speaking when he presented a report during the Plans, Works, and Development and Real Estate standing committee meeting, Mr. Kamuli said that the local authority will fence the site  to protect it from scavenging.

He explained that the local authority has been using the same piece of land for disposal of solid waste without any written agreement, hence the need to have normalized the situation.

“The land has been leased to the council for the purposes of a temporary dump site of garbage for a period of two years,” Mr. Kamuli said.

He stated that the land which measures 40 by 198 metres and situated at Mapa area has been offered by village headman Muwanei of Nalionwa village.

Mr. Kamuli added that the local authority will effectively manage the dump site during the lease period.

“The council shall utilize the land only for the aforementioned purpose (of solid waste disposal),” he said.

Following a proposal by Buleya ward councillor, Monde Monde, and duly seconded by Kandambo ward councillor, Kasimba Kayatwa, the standing committee has since endorsed the dump site for purposes of solid waste management.


  1. Instead of dumpsites, local authorities throughout Zambia ought to be running recycling sites where bio-degradable waste can be ground up and turned into composite for use as fertiliser for municipal-run flower beds and parks, plastic can be sorted out and chemically broken down to produce diesel etc.

    • This is definitely news worthy. Zambians are so addicted to useless political garbage (no pun intended) drama that they are failing to appreciate real stories that affect real people every day.
      LT need to let us know more about this than ‘Lungu this, HH that’.
      So make ideas and suggestions like the poster above.

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