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Zambia, DRC to establish water regulatory body


Zambia and the Democratic Republic of Congo are in the process of establishing the Luapula River Authority to manage the shared water bodies between the two countries.

 Minister of Water Development and Sanitation Mike Mposha said the consultative process regarding the establishment of the Luapula River Authority (LRA) has reached an advanced stage.

Speaking at a weekly media briefing hosted at the Ministry of Information and Media, Mr Mposha said Zambia’s territory is entirely in shared river basins.

He said Zambia has decided to assent to the UN water convention.

“It (Zambia) has two trans boundary basins namely the Zambia and Congo basins which constitute around 75 percent and 25 percent of Zambia’s geographical territorial area respectively. Considering the critical role that Trans boundary water cooperation plays in fostering social economic development and regional economic integration among riparian states, the Ministry has embarked on the process of accession to the UN water convention joining the Congo Oubangui Sangha Basin (CICOS) as well as the establishment of the Luapula River Authority (LRA) which is a bilateral river basin organisation between Congo DR and Zambia,” said Mr Mposha.

The Minister also disclosed that government will by November this year complete the installation of 1,350 new boreholes countrywide at a cost of 69 million kwacha.

 Mr Mposha said 243 thousand people are expected to benefit from the project.

And Mr Mposha said 16 new dams are planned for construction this year stating that procurement processes have reached an advanced stage.

He said the sites of the dams are in Central Province, Northern Province, Eastern Province, Southern Province and Luapula.

He further revealed that his Ministry is undertaking dam maintenance of already existing dams.

Mr Mposha also said government is constructing two small dams in Eastern Province where 26,650 people in Nyimba and 13,360 in Chasefu district are expected to benefit.

“I wish to inform the nation through the media that the Ministry is constructing two small dams namely Kacholola dam in Nyimba district and Kapekesa Dam in Chsefu district which are both earmarked for completion by the fourth quarter of 2023,” said Mr Mposha.

Meanwhile Acting Minister of Information and Media Makozo Chikote said government remains committed to the fight against corruption.

Speaking at the same briefing, Mr Chikote said government will not condone corruption.

The Minister said nobody is above the law stating that the law enforcement agencies have the right to investigate.

The Acting Chief Government Spokesperson said there is a need for people to be held accountable.


  1. Deal with Congolese at your own risk. I have Congolese friends here in London, who I love as fellow Africans but would never lend money or go into partnership with them. The best people to deal with are the Irish.

  2. “The Minister also disclosed that government will by November this year complete the installation of 1,350 new boreholes countrywide at a cost of 69 million kwacha.”
    I wonder who has been awarded this contract…a lot of money can be saved if ZNS bought even 10 water borehole drilling trucks and do this contract at a lot cheaper price.

    • I second you, actually some if not all these drilling companies do not even have qualified Water Engineering Technicians to carry out real work and sometimes they just exploit clients. This sector is dominated by Indians some of them have run away back to India with clients’ money!! The Department of Water Affairs is technically the best but it cannot cope with the levels of demand for their services and most of the time are abused by politicians! Bringing ZNS on board can lessen exploitation and theft by these foreigners and ensure the enhancement of skills among our people!!

    • At K69M for 1,350 makes it at an average K51,000 per borehole. That’s a little on the higher side unless there’s info that hasn’t been disclosed. Was this deal single sourced or it were by public tender? I’ve scanned the ZPPA site and there’s nothing on that. This is exactly why some PF officials are getting arrested

  3. UPND is becoming worse than PF…just fooling gullible Zambians with their day dreaming and more corruption…Luapula Province Minister said HH told him to take good care of UPND cadres with illegal Mining and corruption

  4. Mie Msha is one of lower level corupt minister oh HH ACC, just call him and ask him how did he manage 14 ultramodern flats, his family members brand new cars and houses in less than 2 years?

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