Saturday, June 22, 2024

President Hichilema, First Lady donates to Chadiza


President Hakainde Hichilema and First Lady Mutinta Hichilema have donated 40 bales of second-hand clothing worth K220,000 and two wheelchairs to people of Chadiza Constituency in Eastern Province.

The donated items were handed over to the people during a ceremony held at Kapache Primary School in Chadiza.

United Party for National Development (UPND) Chairman General for Special Duties, William Banda, who was flanked by Eastern Province UPND Chairman Johabie Mtonga officiated at the event.

“I have been sent by the President and the First Lady to deliver this donation to the people of Chadiza Constituency in order to show appreciation and support you showed during the 2021 general elections,” he said.

And Eastern Province UPND Chairperson, Johabie Mtonga, assured the people of Chadiza that government was aware of the poor road infrastructure linking the district to the provincial capital, Chipata.

Mr Mtonga said government would ensure the stalled tarring of the Chadiza-Chipata road was completed to help ease the movement of goods and services.

He advised people to rally behind President Hichilema as he wants to bring development to Chadiza and other parts of the country.

Speaking on behalf of the people of Chadiza Constituency, Andyford Phiri, thanked the First Family for the donation.

He said the people of Chadiza appreciate the gesture from the Head of State and the First Lady as it shows how grateful he was for their support.

“This donation will go a long way and I urge the First family to extend the same gesture to other people,” he said.


  1. If the road could be fixed that would be a big achievement but giving us clothes worn by persons we don’t know kwena

  2. Making the same mistakes crooked lungus made. No need for donations. The country has enough resources. Get to work

  3. Imagine! Making much ado about giving SECOND HAND clothes to people! Glorifying such indignity! That aside, a progressive president with a degree in economics would know that second hand clothes have killed the textile industry in Zambia. He would be coming up with a strategy to eliminate this slave inducing second hand industry. No wonder we are such a copycat nation.
    I thought HH was just recently in Rwanda? This just confirms he was on a fun visit. He did not go there to learn anything. Kagame banned second hand clothes imports in 2018. The ban was aimed at boosting Rwanda’s textile industry.

    • Because of this the US ended Rwandan duty free export privileges. Rwanda, however, adapted very well. Now with lap-dog Zambia; we are helpless when master US threatens us with the removal of export priviledges. So we continue with the demeaning practice of receiving second hand clothing and donating these to con the potential electorate. Yeah con this is conning the people we dont respect!

    • There are people to whom second hand clothes make the difference between staying warm or spending the day shivering in the cold. If you’re doing well, that’s fine. This is a country where most people are driving 2nd hand cars. The light commercial vehicles that have made rural areas accessible all come to Zambia as pre-owned. Our economy would be small without 2nd hand things.

    • Iwe Gunner address the issues Kadansa has raised. Dont go hunting for pluses in the numerous negatives of importing second hand clothings. Kadansa has highlighted the economic doctrine tht if domestic consumers prefer foreign goods over domestically produced ones it kills local competing industry. These imported second hand clothes contribute to higher imports and thus to a trade deficit. We should ignore all this because the first lady wants to import salaula?

  4. @Gunner that is like saying we should all eat street food because there are people to whom that makes the difference. People have been forced to wear these clothes. Do you wear salaula yourself?
    The day a president will tell me he wears second hand clothes I will know he is donating something of value perhaps I ll consider wearing them. HH has even refused to live in second hand state house because he prefers a first hand house so he knows how degrading salaula is.

    • Go to Katunjila road in Lusaka near ACC headquarters. Trade in second hand books and second hand clothes in booming. And that’s Lusaka and not Chadidza. What are talking about?

    • So what if trade in second hand clothes is booming? Trade in sex is booming in Lusaka. Does that make it right? So is trade in Kachasu. Street vendors in Lusaka sell cowheads another booming trade

  5. They have sensed that Eastern Province has made up its mind. No more HH in 2026. This is very cheap and insulting. I can now say the first lady is dull with a corrupt mind.

    • I remember when Dr Chitalu Chilufya suggested to Zambians that they could eat kandolo (sweet potatoes) during his time as government minister. There was so much ado I could not believe it. Zambians think eating kandolo lowers their standing. There are people who desperately need these things. Don’t decide for them. They will make up their own minds. Johabie Mtonga, the Eastern province UPND chairman knows his people well.

  6. Some donations are insulting. I never hear Patrick Motsepe or Dangote donating salaula. They donate money. Imali

  7. I wonder why anyone would defend this deplorable act. Perhaps a blooded Upnd cadre?? Second hand clothes are degrading. PERIOD.

  8. But the 1st lady is seksy mwebantu. Mmmh chisuma chi mutinta. Kuti nachipilubula dodix mmmh aaaah mmmmh nokubwela mukati pwaaaah

  9. But the 1st lady is sayksy mwebantu. Mmmh chisuma chi mutinta. Kuti nachipilubula d0dix mmmh aaaah mmmmh nokubwela mukati pwaaaah

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