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Why Luapula Minister got Fired and Arrested in Sugilite Scandal


In a shocking development, President Hakainde Hichilema has taken swift action by firing Luapula Provincial Minister, Derricky Chilundika, following the emergence of incriminating audios.

The recordings allegedly reveal Chilundika’s involvement in illegal mining activities related to the rare gemstone, Sugilite, and his attempt to secure a hefty kickback of K2 million.

The scandal revolves around the unauthorized mining of 23 tonnes of Sugilite Mineral Ore in Chembe District.

Chilundika’s arrest follows his alleged participation in carrying out mining activities without a valid license, a violation of Section 12(1)(3) of the Mines and Minerals Act Number 11 of 2015.

Two Afghan nationals, Muhammed Ashim (50) and Muhammed Munsul (44), were also arrested for the same offense, as they were found to be mining manganese at the Katros Mining Limited without a valid license.

The Zambia Police issued statements regarding the arrests. Deputy Police Public Relations Officer, Danny Mwale, provided details on the charges and the alleged actions of the suspects.

Chilundika is currently in police custody awaiting formal charges, while Ashim and Munsul have been released on police bond pending their court appearance.

The swift response by President Hichilema demonstrates his commitment to combating corruption and illegal activities within the mining sector.

The government’s efforts to uphold the rule of law and ensure proper regulation in the mining industry are commendable.

This incident serves as a reminder of the importance of transparent and accountable practices in the mining sector.

It highlights the need for strict adherence to licensing regulations and the consequences that await those who engage in illegal activities.

As investigations continue, it is expected that further details will emerge regarding the extent of the Sugilite scandal and any other individuals involved.

The government’s commitment to addressing corruption and enforcing legal compliance in the mining sector is vital for the sustainable and responsible development of Zambia’s natural resources.

Sugilite, an extraordinary mineral, possesses the allure of a precious gemstone with its captivating shade of deep purple.

Comprising elements such as potassium, sodium, lithium, iron, and manganese, this elusive mineral is often discovered alongside companions like quartz and dark manganese oxides.

Its scarcity and remarkable appearance have propelled Sugilite to great prominence within the realm of jewelry.

In addition to its aesthetic allure, Sugilite has garnered a reputation for its metaphysical properties and healing attributes.

Many believe that it fosters spiritual advancement, augments psychic capabilities, and bestows emotional equilibrium and safeguarding.

Numerous individuals incorporate Sugilite into their meditation practices, as it is thought to facilitate access to elevated states of consciousness.

Considering its rarity and the growing demand, Sugilite holds considerable commercial value, especially in the market for gemstones.

However, it is crucial that any mining activities or possession of this mineral adhere strictly to legal regulations and secure the necessary permits. Such measures are vital to ensure the implementation of responsible and sustainable practices.


  1. He has been fired because he comes from the region njikwite. How many audios have been leaked that akainde has done nothing

    • You are the same !diots who were demanding that the sugilite issue be investigated and people arrested. People have been arrested and now you say it’s tribal. Ulichipuba. Plain and simple same as the 12 f00ls who have liked your !diotic post.

    • Dude love. Hi darling. Would you by any chance be a member of our LGBT community? That name is perfect. We too love dudes

  2. kikikikikikikiki once a miner always a miner. He used to deep copper in Nchanga Chingola. So, he thought he could continue mining in Mansa. Please, forgive him he’s the first offend.

  3. kikikikikikikiki once a miner always a miner. He used to deep copper in Nchanga Chingola. So, he thought he could continue mining in Mansa. Please, forgive him he’s the first offender. Don’t replace him with Mr. Hi or Ha

  4. It doesn’t amuse me. Many top officials were mentioned in the earlier scandal and nothing was done. Those from the now superior region were released and transferred. This action gives credibility to the claims by those that remained in custody that they were targeted because they were from the inferior region. It seems we’ll learn some lessons here. As for illegal mining, how does government expect people to formalize their activities when it’s not issuing mining licenses? Shenke yabo

    • So in your tiny brain, you feel this guy should be set free even after there is an audio of the same man implicating himself? Do you have direct evidence on the other implicated officials?

  5. He instigated the arrest of the Mwense Council Chairman. So it’s Karma time. However basing the action on social media videos is not a wise thing. Musokotwane, Milupi etc have appeared on social media but no effort has been made to follow up on these allegations. The non western Zambia minister has to be extra care in their deeds. Otherwise you just give the man the chance to have the cabinet that he really wants.

  6. The swift action by the President? Lol. This case started last year when names were mentioned after the truck was found with the minerals. HH simply made transfers from police command, the same police who gave orders to juniors to escort the minerals.
    George Mwiinga, state house security was mentioned too. The only person who was relieved of duty immediately was PS for mines.
    I am also disappointed that the police couldn’t act until after he was fired.

  7. As investigations continue, it is expected that further details will emerge regarding the extent of the Sugilite scandal and any other individuals involved……… careful more revalations will emerge out of this. kkkkkk tuleyatuleya……

  8. But zooohooona this is real animal farm,circus, game,aka red na ka black. MMMM The block is under siege next……….you know yourself start preparations by packing your bags,briefcase and your suitecases.

  9. Fighting corruption…like really…..if this Guy was from Southern or Western the outcome would have been different….All HH’s inner circles are from Southern and Western Province and they’re untouchable….What happened to Kakubo remember how HH defended him despite all the proof that he met Chinese officials for brown envelope…HH IS NOT FIGHING CORRUPTION…Because HH is very corrupt and tribal ask Anthony Bwalya

  10. Guess he was the fall guy , many leaks have happened no action at all, so this is not all just some damage control to cover the travels

  11. The two Afghan nationals should not have been released on police bond pending their court appearance,
    whats so special about foreigners coming from a backward, corrupt and impoverished country? They should dance to the same tune of the law and be LOCKED UP! These are the same people teaching Zambians the appalling culture of corruption! Zambians should learn to value themselves!

  12. There are current leaders in government positions who have millions and
    millions of kwacha and large property they possess. Can these current leaders explain how they acquired such millions upon millions of kwacha and large property?

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