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Charles Chanda, UPPZ Leader-Chilundika arrest cosmetic


Government’s Commitment to Fighting Corruption Applauded by UPPZ Leader

In a commendable display of commitment to eradicating corruption within our beloved country, the efforts made by the government have been met with appreciation. Each arrest of a corrupt official is seen as a positive step in the right direction towards fostering a prosperous and peaceful Zambia. However, it is crucial that these arrests translate into real convictions and yield tangible results.

Former Luapula province minister, Derricky Chilundika, was recently apprehended in a praiseworthy move in the ongoing fight against corruption. Nonetheless, it is imperative that we do not allow this specific arrest to overshadow the existence of a much larger corruption issue within the UPND government. Rather than regarding Mr. Chilundika as the sole culprit, it is crucial to acknowledge that he is merely a sacrificial lamb in a much grander game of corruption.

United Prosperous And Peaceful Zambia (UPPZ), under the leadership of Charles Chanda, emphasizes the necessity for our leaders to concentrate on effective solutions to the challenges that our country encounters, while refraining from succumbing to political ulterior motives. The recent developments surrounding Mr. Chilundika merely serve as an indication of a more significant problem that demands our direct confrontation.

“We, as United Prosperous And Peaceful Zambia, will always uphold the principles of accountability, transparency, and dignity for all Zambians,” states Charles Chanda, the esteemed leader of UPPZ. “We implore the government to persist in their fight against corruption and to actively strive towards a stronger and more prosperous Zambia.”

The battle against corruption requires steadfast determination and resolute action. It is not enough to merely apprehend individuals suspected of corrupt practices; what is truly needed is the successful prosecution of these cases. This process will ultimately foster a culture of accountability and send a clear message that corruption will not be tolerated in Zambia.

To maximize the impact of the government’s anti-corruption efforts, it is crucial to establish robust systems and mechanisms that will not only identify corrupt individuals but also facilitate their prosecution. This will ensure that justice is served and serve as a deterrent for future corruption.

In light of recent events, it is evident that corruption remains a formidable challenge within the UPND government. While the arrest of Mr. Chilundika represents a step forward, it is essential for the government to adopt a comprehensive approach in addressing corruption within its own ranks. By doing so, they can regain the trust of the Zambian people and demonstrate their unwavering commitment to combating corruption at all levels.

In conclusion, the United Prosperous And Peaceful Zambia party recognizes the government’s efforts in the fight against corruption. However, they stress the need for these efforts to result in concrete convictions and substantial outcomes. The arrest of former minister Derricky Chilundika is viewed as a positive development, but it should not overshadow the larger issue of corruption within the UPND government. It is the responsibility of our leaders to focus on finding genuine solutions to the challenges facing our country while maintaining transparency and accountability. Only by doing so can we pave the way for a stronger, more prosperous Zambia.


  1. It’s cosmetic and it’s becaus he is not coming the favoured region.

    F00ling Zambians. Who has been arrested over those sugilite trucks that have gone missing

  2. We don’t care about politricks. All we want is equal and fair rights for those that fly the rainbow flag. We demand equal opportunities and justice for pro LGBT. This is the 21st century. Why are we backwards in zambia. The day we gave a gay president is the day I will be most proud to be zambian

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