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Minister of Lands Updates on ZILAS


In a press conference held today, Hon. Dr. Elijah Julaki Muchima, MP, the Minister of Lands and Natural Resources, addressed the media and provided crucial updates on the progress of the Zambia Integrated Land Administration System (ZILAS). The event was attended by directors, staff members of the ministry, and various media houses.

Beginning the address, Hon. Dr. Elijah Julaki Muchima extended a warm welcome and expressed gratitude to everyone present, emphasizing the significance of sharing important information with the nation. As the Minister of Lands and Natural Resources, he deemed it his responsibility to provide the latest developments regarding the implementation of ZILAS.

Hon. Dr. Elijah Julaki Muchima commenced by highlighting the notable improvements achieved by the developers and the Survey Department. These dedicated teams have been tirelessly working to address challenges and enhance the functionality of ZILAS. Their ongoing efforts demonstrate the ministry’s unwavering commitment to ensuring the seamless operation of the system.

Delving further into the updates, the Minister shed light on the progress made in clearing the backlog. Notably, officers who had been stationed at the Zambia Revenue Authority (ZRA) Training Centre successfully returned with a significant portion of the backlog cleared. The remaining tasks would be meticulously finalized within the ministry’s offices, indicating a steadfast determination to expedite the process.

Turning the focus to the Land Department, Hon. Dr. Elijah Julaki Muchima presented specific statistics regarding the backlog clearance. During the review period, the ministry successfully handled 427 cases of land lease title registration. Additionally, there were 249 cases still in progress at various stages, reflecting the ministry’s commitment to resolving pending matters efficiently.

Providing further insight, the Minister disclosed that 86 direct lease cases had been sent to the Lands and Deeds Department for the issuance of Certificate of Titles. At present, 55 cases were in the e-signing stage, awaiting digital signatures from the respective clients. However, the Minister expressed concern regarding the 134 cases that remained pending payment, despite invoices being sent to the clients who had requested services. In light of this, Hon. Dr. Elijah Julaki Muchima urged clients to promptly check their mailboxes and settle their outstanding payments, as this would facilitate the seamless processing of their requests. Clients encountering challenges were encouraged to seek guidance from the Customer Service Centre located at the Ministry Headquarters or Provincial Offices.

Highlighting an additional issue, the Minister mentioned that 24 cases had been reverted due to clients selecting the wrong services. This emphasized the importance of careful consideration during the service selection process, ultimately preventing unnecessary delays and complications.

The Minister proudly announced that the ministry had successfully cleared a significant total of 975 cases as part of the backlog clearance initiative. This commendable progress signifies the ministry’s commitment to streamlining land administration processes and ensuring timely service delivery.

Addressing the matter of outstanding submissions, Hon. Dr. Elijah Julaki Muchima informed the audience that the ministry had managed to contact 101 clients who had provided their email addresses. However, to ensure that all remaining submissions were processed, the Minister stated that a public advertisement would be released, urging individuals whose submissions had not yet been processed to come forward and provide the necessary information.

Reiterating the importance of Zampass accounts on the Zamportal website (, the Minister reminded clients that ZILAS was designed to enhance services for their benefit. Hon. Dr. Elijah Julaki Muchima emphasized that the success of the system relied not only on the Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources but also on the active participation of the clients themselves. Clients were encouraged to engage with the system, as their interaction was pivotal in expediting document processing and improving the ministry’s service delivery.

Concluding the address, Hon. Dr. Elijah Julaki Muchima expressed gratitude to all attendees and encouraged clients to seek further information and clarification by visiting Mulungushi House, regional offices, provincial offices, or the Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources website.

As the nation eagerly awaits the successful implementation of the Zambia Integrated Land Administration System, the Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources, under the leadership of Hon. Dr. Elijah Julaki Muchima, MP, remains dedicated to providing efficient and transparent land administration services for the benefit of all stakeholders involved.


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  2. ZILAS is a commendable government initiative. Even when I am away from home, I manage to pay for my properties from generated invoices with printable online receipts. But Land Applications and Digital Records Clearance are at snails pace.

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