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Chongwe council demolishes illegal structures


Chongwe Municipal Council has demolished some structures which were illegally constructed along Palabana junction by some members of the community in Palabana ward.

Chongwe Municipal Council Acting Public Relations Manager, Cecilia Musonda says the demolished structures were constructed on road reserves which is a violation of the law.

In a statement made available , Ms Musonda said the action by the local authority was undertaken after several engagements with the owners of the structures who were using them for trading purposes.

She added that the demolition of the structures in Palabana is a warning to members of the public to desist from illegally constructing structures without planning permission from the council.

“This should, therefore, send a warning to the members of the  public that are in the habit of putting up structures without the planning permission or consultation from the Local Authority as stipulated in the Urban and Regional Planning Act no. 3 of 2015 and The Public Health Act CAP 295 of the Laws of Zambia,” she said.

Ms Musonda further encouraged members of the public to consult the council’s planning department to seek building permission and submit their building plans or any intentions to undertake construction works to avoid facing penalties and demolitions.

Meanwhile, Njolwe Ward Councilor, Given Mwenya has called on Chongwe Municipal Council and other relevant government authorities to educate people in the area on the difference between state and traditional land.

Ms. Mwenya explained that most residents in the area are not aware of the boundaries which divide land owned by the Busoli royal establishment and the state which has resulted in most of them constructing structures illegally on state land.

She said the owners of the illegal structures which have been demolished by the local authority were on a number of occasions warned to stop construction on the road reserve but refused to adhere to the warnings.

“The council notified these people to stop constructing the structures on the road reserve and I also did my part as their councilor to sensitise them on the illegality they were committing but they refused to heed the warnings. They would respond to us saying they were given the land by the previous Patriotic Front government adding that the council should source another piece of land for road reserves from the new dawn government,” Ms. Mwenya explained.

Ms. Mwenya,however,expressed concern over the construction of a house on land that is reserved for the construction of a market shelter for the community by a named resident in the area.

She wondered why the council did not demolish the house despite knowing that the structure is constructed on land that is reserved for a market.

Ms. Mwenya further added that she is yet to engage the council to discuss the reasons behind its reluctance to demolish the said house.


  1. Also demolish the old colonial laws that discriminate against us LGBTs in zambia. I pay my taxes. If you don’t accept us as LGBT then don’t accept our taxes.

  2. All the time the news is about the rich the only time poor people are in the news is when they’re being victimized…what happened to forest 27

    • I have always asked why councils have to wait until someone completes the structure, moves into it, then moves in to pull it down. Law must have a human face. Help the would be encroacher by arresting theme as soon as you see them starting activities on such land. Do it before they waste their money.

    • Deja Vu – In England if you build anything like that your neighbours will complain to the council or enquire…in Zambia they just watch.

    • #Mwape people are desperate for land. They will accept anything from anyone especially chairmen from a ruling political party.

  3. Ignore this moron @Wagner…these are the same attention seekers i always talk about…the moron is not even gay he just want attention…no wonder i hate social media because of makakas like Wagner

    • Hey Grant, you sound very upset with alot of anger built in you. I was once like you before I came out. How can you be in denial of my sexuality on my behalf? Or is this a way for you to ask me to prove that I am gay by doing something to you. If you want to come out just speak to me. There are many of us in zambia

    • Grant I agree. Too many trolls on this site. I have nothing against gays and some of my very good friends are gay. What I dislike is imposters acting gay.

    • Like I said the one behind all this is our very own resident troll again its back…this is why you dont see it its never leaves as it has nothing to do but play around online.

    • Why should I be ignored? I have human rights just like heterosexual people. Even prisoners have some human rights so why can’t I

  4. The culture of vengeance permeates Zambian society. If only we could learn to be progressive from primary school! Clever governments inject positive attitudes into the curriculum. As it is we take too much pleasure in seeing one who was “up there” crash down to below our level.
    Indeed as most have pointed out here why wasn’t the council there to stop the construction as it started? Buildings dont sprout overnight like mushrooms. Council staff were seeing and allowing these constructions. So that their sadistic nature would get satisfaction from demolishing something someone had sweated for? How negative!

    • @Mwape it is the Council’s job to regularly inspect its district. Each council has a Town Engineer under who there are Building Inspectors or Code Enforcement Officers and Zoning planners. These inspect buildings during and after construction. They have to make sure buildings comply with building codes and other safety requirements. By law noone is allowed to construct any structure without Council approval, unless you live in a village. But in some villages like the one in Kazembe in Luapula Im told they have a department that supervises construction

    • #Mwape, does the council live somewhere else? We drink with these chaps and above all they have inspectors in their establishment who instead of going around townships are busy on Lusaka Times.

  5. @Tarino Orange
    Exactly…normally gay people keep it to themselves and majority of them are very nice…i have alot of Gay friends and they don’t walk around proclaiming “am gay”…fake gays are the ones who want attention like Ben Lombe…doing it for the money and attention

    • Grant Kolala – You are falling for the bait…this is what Troll wants you to do; change the topic and it takes control as it has limited capacity to engage on other topics like this.

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