Saturday, June 15, 2024

Mushindamo district in 9,000 desk deficit


Mushindamo District Council Director of works, Ricky Siamatu has disclosed that the district has a deficit of nine thousand school desks out of the eleven thousand that were allocated for procurement under the 2023 Constituency Development Fund (CDF).

Responding to North-Western Province Permanent Secretary , Grandson Katambi who wanted to know the progress in desks procurement, Mr Siamatu said the CDF committee only managed to get two thousand this far.

“The CDF committee has only bought about 2000 desks for 2023, we have about a nine thousand deficit according to the statistics from DEBS,” Mr Siamata said.

The situation has displeased the Permanent Secretary, Col. Katambi who told them to learn from their colleagues who have strategized to ensure that no child sits on the floor by December 2023.

Col. Katambi (Rtd) said presidential directives should be treated with the importance they deserve and not just as mere pronouncement.

“Let us differentiate between Presidential directives and our own programmes, school desks come under Presidential directive,” Col. Katambi said.

Meanwhile, Provincial Local Government Officer, Adrian Zulu said the CDF Committee in Mushindamo is concentrating on trying to procure earth moving equipment in 2023.

Mr Zulu,however, said the committee has plans to divert some extra funds from bursaries to desks procurement.

He further clarified that the number of desks mentioned does not include those desks that have been planned for rehabilitation by the DEBS office.


  1. What about the plight of LGBTs who are suffering in this country. Since i started promoting our human rights I have received death threats

  2. It’s so, so obvious the way some of these leaders manipulate public funds just to make a cut!! Surely, from 11thousand desk promised to be delivered and you only managed 2 thousand where is the rest of it!! Where is the money gone!!! Not even half of it!! And you’re mocking yourself by saying you will get extra money from the bursary budget found, it’s absurd, “is it just me who is smelling a rat here” then how are you going to refound back the bursary money?

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