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President Hakainde Hichilema Vows to Tackle Corruption.


In a powerful address to Zambians residing in Ghana, President Hakainde Hichilema reiterated his commitment to combating corruption in all its forms. The President emphasized the need to tackle both past and present corruption, while also focusing on preventing any future instances. Highlighting his dedication to upholding the rule of law, President Hichilema revealed that he had recently dismissed a minister and a permanent secretary, allowing the legal system to pursue appropriate action.

President Hichilema expressed his firm resolve to eradicate the culture of laziness that has plagued the public sector. He voiced his concern over individuals receiving salaries without putting in the necessary effort and urged for a renewed work ethic across all government departments. The President emphasized the importance of productivity and stressed that the Zambian public deserved efficient and dedicated civil servants.

During his speech, President Hichilema assured the audience that there would be no discrimination or bias in the fight against corruption. He acknowledged the detrimental impact of corruption, citing the theft of school fees and meal allowances meant for children. The President empathized with the challenges faced by ordinary citizens and reassured them that the fight against corruption was not targeted or politically motivated.

Addressing the Zambian community in Ghana, President Hakainde Hichilema called for a united effort to build a corruption-free society. He stressed the significance of equal treatment and emphasized that no individual, regardless of their position or background, should be exempt from facing the consequences of corrupt actions. The President’s commitment to justice and accountability was evident in his words, resonating with Zambians both at home and abroad.

As President Hakainde Hichilema leads Zambia into a new era, his unwavering dedication to fighting corruption and promoting a productive work environment in the public sector serves as a beacon of hope for the nation. With the dismissal of officials involved in corruption and his call for collective action, President Hichilema paves the way for a brighter future, where integrity and diligence take precedence.


  1. This man is a product of corruption and so how effectively can he fight the vice? Nepotism is another form of corruption if you thought its okay to recall everyone from the diplomatic mission and replace them with people who originate from the Southern Province. The govt boards are occupied with either relatives, friends or the people predominantly from the 3 Zambezi Provinces.
    Learn to remove the log from your eye before you can see a speck in others eye.

    • I will only believe when he does the right thing.
      Sure Derick Chilundika is a crook
      But I am worried that he had to jump to the defense of Musokotwane and Milupi. He should have at least asked them politely to step aside to allow the investigation to clear them
      The Luapula minister is a simple light weight compared to these two financial giants…. that’s where the problem is….
      Do we have to wait for Upnd to get out of the government to know the truth?

    • Quote !! “” He voiced his concern over individuals receiving salaries without putting in the necessary effort and urged for a renewed work ethic across all government departments. “”

      HH start by firing your Minister Of Information & Broadcasting, who is also the Government Spokesperson. She does [ 0 # ] zero work and gets paid for doing nothing. Honestly, HH are you not even *ashamed and *embarrassed, that you have such a dull caliber of a person in your Cabinet, that is stealing money from the government for doing nothing. Corruption is inside your cabinet. This really stinks !!


      He has no balls. Its sounds like HH is indirectly talking to his Minister of Information and Broadcasting, our Government Spokeswoman. She is a piece of wasted toilet tissue…….

    • @INDEPENDENT OBSERVER What you demand just shows how irrelevant that Ministry is. Its just a drain on public revenue. People have for a long time correctly pointed out that the Ministry of Information and broadcasting is not needed in a democracy because it shows that the government wants to control freedom of expression.
      Tell me what does Chushi do for the cabinet? And What does UPND cadre masquerading as dubious spokesperson Kawana do? Read opposition comments then react to them. Do we need to pay a civil servant for that? This government promised not to waste money but here they are paying Kawana for doing nothing.

  2. Hh we both know that fighting corruption in zambia is a losing battle. Why not use that energy to achieve one thing in your reign like enacting the LGBT bill of rights?

  3. HH has no capacity to fight corruption , but a defender of corruption in his government the man is not transparent in his own life how can he be when in government .
    This guy has filled the public house institution (state house )with people from his village this house doesn’t belong to any individual it belongs to all Zambians from the ten provinces in Zambia.
    The man couldn’t disclose his assets when he became president he left it open so that he could steal as must as he could during his term of office . Just look at how he shields his accomplices when a whistle blower sounds, he quickly steps in to stop it .
    With this president more Zambians will be disappointed who felt he meant well for the nation

  4. HH fighting corruption is like putting a Monkey in a maize field and expecting the Monkey to just sit and admire the maize cobs…HH is the a product of massive corruption…a known Bandit

  5. Whenever I drive on that stretch of the Chingola-Solwezi road in Mushindamo and then listen to this man brag about his fight against corruption, I understand that he’s just talking nonsense

  6. I repeat my comment LT. What was “powerful” in this speech? Ati
    In a powerful address to Zambians residing in Ghana,

  7. Yet you fail to declare your assets for transparency and a private residence has been turned into an official residence obviously with touch ups using public resources is that not corruption in itself. Since when he leaves after serving his term(s) the building remains his ,my question will he pay back the public money used .

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