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President’s Omission Raises Questions of Commitment to Transparency and Accountability


By Alexander Vomo

In the ongoing battle against corruption in Zambia, recent developments have brought to light critical concerns regarding the commitment of the government, particularly the president, to transparency and accountability. The dismissal of a minister amidst speculation of involvement in an illegal sugilite mining scandal has shed light on the extent of corruption within the administration. At the same time, the absence of asset declaration by the president has raised questions about the consistency and determination of the government in its anti-corruption endeavors.

The abrupt dismissal of the Luapula Province Minister has left the public puzzled and seeking answers. While the reason behind the dismissal remains undisclosed, speculations have surfaced linking the minister to an illegal Sugilite mining scandal. This scandal, which has implicated numerous individuals, including police officers and officials from the ruling United Party for National Development (UPND), underscores the urgent need to address corruption within the government’s ranks.

Amidst the allegations and dismissals, a significant inconsistency emerges. The president, who has emphasized the fight against corruption, has not declared his assets since assuming office. This omission raises doubts about the government’s commitment to transparency and accountability. Asset declaration by the president would serve as a crucial demonstration of leadership, ensuring that the highest office in the land is held to the same standards as others and fostering a culture of openness and integrity.

The symbolic importance of the president declaring his assets cannot be overstated. It would send a powerful message to the public, stakeholders, and international partners that Zambia is serious about fighting corruption. By leading by example and voluntarily disclosing his assets, the president would enhance credibility, rebuild public trust, and create a foundation of transparency upon which the government’s anti-corruption efforts can stand.

Addressing the contradictions and addressing the concerns surrounding corruption requires consistent action. While the dismissal of officials allegedly involved in corrupt practices is a step forward, it is equally vital for the president to complement such actions with asset declaration. This move would not only align with the government’s anti-corruption rhetoric but also demonstrate a genuine commitment to transparency, ensuring that the fight against corruption begins at the top.

The recent dismissal of the Luapula Province Minister without a disclosed reason, combined with speculations of their involvement in an illegal Sugilite mining scandal, highlights the seriousness of corruption allegations within the government. The involvement of multiple individuals, including police officers and party officials, suggests a wider network of corruption that needs to be addressed.

Lack of Asset Declaration by the President since assuming office, while simultaneously emphasizing the fight against corruption, raises questions about consistency and commitment. Asset declaration by the president would

demonstrate a proactive approach to transparency, reinforcing the government’s commitment to accountability and providing a benchmark for others to follow.

The president’s declaration of assets would send a powerful symbolic message to the public and stakeholders that he is genuinely dedicated to combating corruption. It would reinforce the notion that leaders should be held to the same standards as others and that the fight against corruption begins at the top.

Failure to declare assets can create skepticism and erode public trust. It may lead to perceptions that the government’s anti-corruption rhetoric is not being fully backed by actions. In contrast, asset declaration would enhance the president’s credibility and demonstrate a genuine commitment to transparency, thereby strengthening public trust in the government’s anti-corruption efforts.

In the face of corruption allegations and ongoing efforts to combat this pervasive issue, the importance of asset declaration by the president cannot be understated. The call for the president to declare his assets grows louder, with citizens and stakeholders seeking reassurance of the government’s commitment to transparency and accountability. Only through consistent action and leading by example can Zambia effectively combat corruption and restore faith in its governance


  1. The omission of recognising lgbt rights is a crime against humanity. HH should lead by example and fulfil his promise of restoring human rights in our country. Many gay men and women contribute alot to this country but are living in fear. Let the president act or we will uprise

    • We in lgbt have been persecuted and treated like animals even before independence. We are no longer scared of fear or death. We are ready to die for what is right. We are human just like you. We also voted for change

    • Who is this Wagner character posting these Homosexual images on LT with impunity? He needs to get arrested as soon as possible. And Lusaka Times allowing him to post this sickness is part of the problem. Arrest this sick perverted guy now, before he corrupts Zambia!

    • Patriot arrested on what charges? Arrested for my sexuality? My personal choice. Can you hear how confused and sick you sound? Lusaka times is free for all. No rule says gays are not allowed to blog. Quick to get donor funds from gay people yet here you are discriminating. Pick a side

    • Forever live in fear you maggots and worms. This is a blog for normal people whose mind is sober not some lost chaps claiming a status they ended up acquiring due to bad parenting, been irrisponsible and dellusional.

  2. When a whistle blower blows against Musokotwane and Milupi, the president says the chap is being mischievous.
    When someone one blows against a light weight compared to these two financial giants, The President is fighting corruption?

    • That whistle blower is facing court cases………and is currently struggling to substantiate those claims

    • Now imagine what we lgbt have been going through our entire lives. We have been treated as second class our entire lives and told that we are not worth having human rights. How do you think we feel?

    • #Spaka yeah he’s facing court because he touched two sacred cows..if he had squeeled on Chilundika he would have received kudos for a job well done.

    • @Wagner…you need to see a doctor, or a psychiatrist ASAP. You’re one sick puppy. Move to the West where they tolerate your type of lifestyle. And LT, you need to block this guy, as he’s spamming your site. Block him or have him arrested. Your viewership will go down if you keep tolerating him.

    • The current president is used and maybe lying is part of him. Thats may take. There is simply no truth in his dealings just like in his personal businesses their is simply no truth because it was their,by now we would have heard atleast a few businesses there and there in Zambia but zeee.

  3. What is so difficult about stating one’s wealth? Zambian needs to hold their leaders to account esp. Don’t attach names in dealing with this matter, let’s set a standard for all leaders both now and to be. If a Leader doesn’t state their wealth at the point of assuming office, how will he account for whatever wealth accumulated through the tenure of his leadership? I feel sometimes we are too myopic, we can’t see beyond our ‘nose’. We seem comfortable pushing problems to the future and looking good in the now just like we have done with debt restructuring throwing it to the future so that it becomes our children and grandchildren’s burden.

  4. Continued: A good man leaves an inheritance (not debt) for his children’s children – Proverbs 13:22. Would it be right also to say ‘A bad man/men leave(s) debt (not inheritance) for his children’s Children?

  5. Is that all you have on the president…….

    ” declare assets…” ?????

    Go to ECZ where you will find both HH and lungus decreased assets………..

    Nothing is hidden…….

    • Ba Spaka, the one at ECZ was before we need the one when assumed office. Why are you supporting such an issue. We need accountability and transparency that’s what we voted for. Ba Praise Singer everything you support.

    • Zambiano

      The one at ECZ is the one when he assumed office………

      If it is a prior one………..

      Even better, because his wealth accumulation will show.

      Declared assets – present assets

      = money stolen.

  6. Asking HH to declare his assets is the same as fighting corruption in state house. So you are going to have none of his asset declaration. Because the day JH declares his assets the whole Zambia will be amazed at how he amassed so much wealth while the majority of the country wallows in abject poverty. So for that reason Hakainde will not declare his assets because he will show why he should be questioned.

    • Lungu entered State House a poor man and came out a rich man.
      Someone has entered State House a rich man and will come out richer.
      That’s the name of the game.

  7. What is wrong with the declaration at ECZ? The duration between when the ECZ declaration was submitted and when the president entered office it is not far a part. If you can not believe the asset declaration at ECZ, you would not believe any declaration, even if it is do ten times, stop wasting our time.

  8. It turns out HH is just a Politician…..fake and very corrupt just like Late Sata…late Chiluba…Edgar Lungu etc…they’re all crooks..Kaunda thought he would rule Zambia forever no wonder he didn’t steal that much…his defeat came as a surprise..remember when he tried to bounce back so that he can finally steal…RB also his time was limited just like Mwanawasa….

  9. He is just arresting and torturing Bembas and Easterners while his tribesmen are learning new skills in mining from the usual farking cows they were used to. My advise to the people being victimized, you are the majority and in democracy, the majority rules. Get your act together and remove the minority.

  10. The President should have led by example by declaring his assets and liabilities the morning he was pronounced President. Its over a year now and whatever he will declare might not be taken as the real transparent figure. Anyway all the best in the fight against corruption which we should all unite to fight and not leave it to the President and gvt

  11. Lusaka Times, you cannot become a forum for promoting homosexuality. The rest of will leave this forum if you do not shut down this open homosexual promoting homosexuality on your forum. What you are doing is against the law in Zambia. This is exactly why Uganda, Kenya and now Ghana, have strengthened their laws to stop this sort of homosexuality promotion. What Lusaka Times in doing is playing a part in promoting the Gay Agenda. Are you being paid by foreign homosexual organisations to be the mouthpiece of homosexuality in our country?

  12. Declare his assets for what? It is not the law. There is a reason why all of your other presidents neither made it the law nor practise this. I hope HH never divulges his assets. Once the law is changed, and made to apply to everyone else, then and only then should he comply with the requirement. You cannot make arbitrary requirements of HH alone, that Kaunda, Chiluba (real name Kafupi), Mwanawassa, Banda, Sata(n), Chakolwa never ever had to abide by. Sorry… HH, as a matter of principle, completely and totally do not divulge even a single ngwee of your assets. I know he has nothing to hid, since he has been comprehensively and repeatedly investigated, but he must stick to principle and divulge nothing.

  13. You all forget that the president dclared his assets during his presidential nomination, if its such an issue why cany you ask ECZ to publish the asset register for all presidential candidates. You say speculation caused the firing for the minister in question, again you forget that the said minister has been charged and arrested. Who gets arrested by speculation. Up your game bwana you will be irrelevant in this new dispersation. We dont deal with thugs and cadres in such discourse anymore, up your game!

  14. Ntolelefye. There are no thieves in other parts of Zambia. Except them, only them. Those who stole at Finance Ministry were sieved. The Ntolelefye were disgraced while those on the right hand were turned into State witnesses.

  15. BMW is a crook. As for his lieutenants, they are behaving like those in the Emperor’s New Cloths story.

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