Monday, June 17, 2024

Bloggers Zambia praises Zambia Army for going digital


Bloggers of Zambia has commended the Zambia Army for embracing digital tools on social media aimed at enhancing access to information and engagement with the general public.

In a press statement made available to ZANIS today, Bloggers of Zambia Chief Executive Officer Richard Mulonga said as an organization that promotes the use of technology for access to information, public participation and building the broader democracy, it is happy to see the effective use of social media by the Zambia Army.

Mr Mulonga stated that this is commendable owing to the fact that in the past it was difficult for citizens to have access to permissible activities of the Zambia Army adding that citizens were not adequately informed and educated about the role of the army in democracy.

He said the adaptation to technology by the Zambia Army will enable citizens to stay informed and educated about the defense wing’s activities such as their missions locally and abroad in addition to challenges and opportunities they face in these activities.

“The Zambia Army has exhibited a sense of transparency and accountability within their operations by actively engaging on their website and Facebook platforms, where they have been providing updates on their operations, recruitment processes, recent Maina Soko Medical Center achievements, partnerships, and their commitment to protecting the nation from external forces,” said Mr Mulonga.

Mr Mulonga further said that this open and transparent approach builds trust between the army and the public, dispelling misconceptions and fostering a better understanding of their vital role in ensuring national security and contribution to economic development.

He said in this digital age where technology has revolutionized societies, the Zambia Army must be encouraged to strengthen their digital platforms and enhance their visibility in a bid to bridge the gap on public knowledge about the military without compromising security standards in the country.

Mr Mulonga noted that the presence of the Zambia Army on social media also serves as a motivator and career guidance to citizens who are able to be inspired by modern military capabilities, training programs, and other career opportunities.

He further encouraged the Zambia Army to continue investing in digital tools, safety and literacy to ensure effective use of technology as a platform for citizen engagement.


  1. We the LGBT Bloggers community were not engaged or asked for our views. We do not endorse this statement and distance ourselves from it. Do not use general terms that include us. You don’t respect us so ensure you also say that we didn’t endorse your views. We are humans and count too

  2. Lt .Gen Paul Mihova inspects a guard of honour mounted for him by Zambia Army officers on his arrival at the Zambia Army Regional Headquarters in Kasama today. Lt .Gen Paul Mihova is on a 5 day working visit to Northern Province to check on the troops and security situation.
    That is not a Guard of honor! And noone is inspecting anything-They are all just posing for pictures. Report correctly!!

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