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Energy minister urges MPs to partner with REA


Minister of Energy Peter Kapala has challenged Members of Parliament to quickly partner with the Rural Electricity Authority (REA) and have their constituencies especially those in rural areas connected to the national grid.

Mr Kapala said since the launch of the Priority Rural Electrification Project (PREPs) only 27 councils countrywide have so far signed Memoranda of Understanding MOUs with REA to accelerate electrification access of rural areas.

He observed that this is not the expectation of government adding that the aim of collaboration between the MPs and REA is to see to it that most if not all constituencies have access to electricity.

The Minister said this at parliament during the symposium with members of parliament on the electrification of public facilities in rural areas using the constituency development fund (CDF).

Mr Kapala said from the K1 million Constituency Development Fund (CDF) Contribution which government directed, it is expected that most if not all public institutions will have access to electricity.

“The rationale behind this is to ensure that once public institutions are connected to the grid, households can also tap electricity and have their houses connected to the grid.

But it is sad to note that only 27 councils have so far signed MOUs with REA and am now calling upon all councils to do so and ensure that all areas are connected to the national grid” said Mr Kapala.

The Minister of Energy has since urged the MPs to ensure that they take advantage of the symptom and learn how they can have their constituencies connected to the grid.

And Members of parliament who have not yet signed MOUs with REA said they will ensure that they enter into partnership with REA and have their constituencies connected to the grid.

Kalomo Central Member of Parliament Harry Kamboni said he has taped a lot of knowledge from the symposium and will ensure that he signs the MOUs with REA.

Mr Kamboni noted that most hospitals in his constituencies have electricity apart from clinics and schools.

Meanwhile, Mumbwa Member of Parliament Credo Naguwa said immediately after the symposium he will start mobilizing his constituency office and ensure that an application is done.


  1. There are still people who have paid and are still waiting to be connected for years meantime this guy is still asking for more to be connected.

  2. @ Brother Ayatollah Khomeni
    You can say that again….Chipante pante Government and doing exactly what PF was doing…corruption is on the rise….MPs know that these guys are just blowing hot air they have no capacity to provide electricity to all rural areas…..blah blah blah to sound as if they’re working and attending unnecessary workshops every day getting massive allowances…i remember one time i had an issue with one of the ZESCO directors…i went to his office for 5 days straight Monday to Friday 8am to 5pm and he was never in his office…every time i went there his secretary used to tell me that he’s gone out for a workshop…

  3. Very important that REA assumes its role in the scheme of things. Shocking that even areas within shouting distance of Lusaka still not fully serviced with electricity EG Chibombo

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