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Inquest reveals Mufurila Police Officer who was found dead was murdered


A Pathologist from Kitwe Central Hospital Olga Sadkovska has told the Mufulira Magistrate’s Court that her findings reveal that Nason Simbeye,a 22 year old police officer who was found dead in his house at Sikalangwe Police Camp on 23rd October,2020 did not commit suicide but was murdered.

Dr. Sadkovska told the court that a post mortem she conducted on Mr. Simbeye’s body revealed that the police officer was shot from the back, while in a kneeling position.

This is in an inquest before the Mufulira Magistrate’s Court to determine whether the police officer’s death was through suicide or murder.

The Pathologist said the findings of the manner of death of the deceased police officer were not consistent with the state in which his body was found, thereby showing that the crime scene was stage managed.

“The bullet entered from the back of his neck and exited from the front,” Dr. Sadkovska explained.

Meanwhile, the investigating Officer, Chief Inspector, Kennedy Siazyombo told the court that police found Mr. Simbeye dead in his bedroom, leaning against his bed with an AK47 rifle in his hand and an empty cartridge beside him.

Mr. Siazyombo said when an officer reached for the firearm, it fired three shots, showing that the gun was set on rapid firing.

“Information from ZICTA showed that his last communication on his phone was the previous day at 18:11,”he said.

And an officer from the Zambia Police Amory department demonstrated to the court that it was impossible for a gun set on rapid firing to only fire a single shot when it has more bullets loaded.


  1. Let me guess, he was in a heterosexual relationship. Nothing positive from heterosexuals. Introduce gay rights asap

  2. Although criminals are clever, they overlook some details. Even on this one the firearm may have been planted after the murder. His family should have engaged a private detective because Zambia Police officers sometimes shield their colleagues. It’ll be difficult to find the culprit

  3. This man was murdered by his fellow police for some reason best known to them. The way these UPND sent police are behaving, we are in for the worst. People are mysteriously dying in police cells and now they are even detaining 8 year olds overnight.

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