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President Hichilema hails church for support to govt.


President Hakainde Hichilema has commended the church for the support it has continued to render to the government.

President Hichilema says government has managed to record positive economic strides owing to the support it has been receiving from the church.

He pointed out that the economic transformation taking place in the country is as a result of the support the church is rendering to the government.

President Hichilema indicated that government remains ready to work with any structured group or organisation.

He said despite being elected into office the government wants to work with all stakeholders in the quest to deliver meaningful development.

Mr. Hichilema emphasized that he will run a government that is based on diversity and inclusivity.

He acknowledged that his administration cannot develop the country alone hence its desire to work with other groupings in fostering national development.

The Head of State said this when the Independent Churches of Zambia paid a courtesy call on him at State House today.

President Hichilema informed the church mother body that the primary focus of the government is to unite the Zambian people.

He stressed that without national unity development will be difficult to attain.

Mr Hichilema said the development taking place in the country is on account of the support it is receiving from the Zambian people.

The Head State implored the church to join hands with government in encouraging the citizenry to work hard saying there is need to rekindle the spirit of hard work.

He lamented that the spirit of hard work was lost along the way hence the call to rekindle the virtue of hardworking

Meanwhile, President Hichilema has thanked the church mother body for the solidarity message it delivered to him today.

He expressed gratitude following the acknowledgement by the church of the efforts government is making in uplifting the lives of the ordinary Zambians.

The President encouraged the church to continue working hand in hand with the government.

Mr Hichilema implored the church not to shy away from engaging government were it falls short and should feel free to engage government on issues that may arise.

Commenting on the fight against corruption, President Hichilema reiterated that it was not discriminatory stressing that it is neither ethically driven as suggested by some members of society.

He explained that the fight against corruption is aimed at ensuring that office bearers respect public resources.

The President urged the church to join in the fight against corruption and not to leave it to government alone.

And commenting on the debt restructuring deal, President Hichilema said it was necessary for the government to dedicate time towards clinching the debt relief deal.

He said following the debt restructuring deal government has now space to focus on other key areas that need attention.

And speaking earlier Independent Churches of Zambia (ICOZ) President David Masupa said the church is pleased with the tremendous success that government has attained on the economic front since assuming office.

Bishop Masupa cited stability of the exchange rate, drop in the inflation rate to single digit and the debt restructuring deal as some of the achievements that has delighted the church.

He said the church appreciates the work President Hichilema and the government are doing in a bid to better the living standards of the people.

Bishop Masupa said the decision by the church mother body to deliver a solidarity message to President Hichilema has not been influenced by any person but is as a result of the achievements that government continues to score as evidenced from the performance of the economy.

Meanwhile the church mother body has commended President Hichilema for the international trips he has been undertaking as they are yielding results.

He pointed out that without him undertaking the international trips it would have been difficult for the country to clinch the debt restructuring deal.

He thanked President Hichilema for granting the church audience.


  1. Instead of supporting LGBTs who helped you win elections, you are falling prey to churches. The many millions and support upnd received came from entities that are pro lgbt. If hh wants to lose elections, let him ignore lgbt rights

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