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Theft of drugs is leading cause shortages in health facilities


Kabwe District Commissioner Lennox Shimwambwa has charged that theft of drugs is leading to shortages of essential drugs in health facilities in the district.

Mr Shimwambwa observes that there have been reports of pilferage of drugs in some parts of the district despite a steady supply of drugs from Government.

The District Commissioner was speaking when he received and flagged off the distribution of 140 Health Center Kits to 41 health Facilities of Kabwe district.

“There have been continued reports of drug shortages yet the government has improved supply of essential drugs. As Kabwe District we shall not allow a situation where pilferage becomes a norm “He said.

He also has appealed to members of the public to report any facility that will fail to provide services to them.

“Please help us, report any facility that will issue any prescription to a client, because as you can see we have a lot of essential drugs and we want people to benefit in their health facilities,” he said.

Mr. Shimwambwa added that the district has constituted a Task Force against pilferage of drugs in the area.

He said the task force will monitor the utilisation of the Health Center Kits that have been distributed to ensure there is no abuse.

And Provincial Health Director, Abel Kabalo has directed the District Health Office to ensure there is no room for pilferage of the Health Center Kits at Facility level.

Dr. Kabalo charged that when there is abundance, there is abuse and therefore there is need to strictly monitor the usage of the health Center Kits at all times.

“ Let us guard these drugs, when there is abundance , there is abuse, so I am directing you Director of Health to make sure there is no room of pilferage at facility level,” he said.

Meanwhile, Kabwe District Health Director, Sylvester Kasonde said the Task Force on anti-pilferage has been enhanced and will swing into action immediately the Kits are distributed to various facilities.

Dr. Kasonde said the district has put in place a program to mentor the new clinicians so that there is no over prescription of drugs in health facilities.

“The risk is when you have a lot of drugs and medical supply at your disposal, there is another risk that is there, over prescription. So what we are going to do as a team of Clinicians in the district is we have targeted newly recruited Clinicians for mentorship,” he said.


  1. We all know this. But has the new dawn come up with any strategy to stop this? Apparently no because it’s continuing and Sylvia Masebo is just cheering the thieves on. Is she now involved?

    • Yes it’s not a new thing and cannot be used to cover for inefficiency. Come to think of every industry has got the problem of pilfering. Find ways to stem out thefts.

  2. Yes this has been going on for many many years now
    there has to be regular stock checks
    Also reports coming out of Kabwe the misdirected truck of maize and unfair distribution of fertilizer last year around that department area
    Yet its supposidly been swept unfer the carpet, Kabwe has many thieves I’m informed

  3. Iam just wondering where these thieves have just dropped from , it was not a popular song before this govt took over power .
    Can some one brief the nation where this trend of stealing medicines from hospitals has come from, people of this nation would like to know what this phenomenal is all about .
    To my surprise we are not seeing these thieves being paraded as they parade their fellow politicians from some regions , who are always in the news and social media of being thieves and no one of them has been convicted.

  4. We need to cleanse this country of bembas and Easterners. They are inferior to us tongas. We need pure tonga breed in zambia

  5. Its the monkeys( bembas) and rats ( easterners) who are stealing. Cleanse entire civil service and replace them with pure honest tongas. Change official language to tonga too

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