Thursday, June 20, 2024

Repeal and Replacement of Independent Broadcasting Authority (IBA) Act Advances


The process to repeal and replace the Independent Broadcasting Authority (IBA) Act is progressing, according to Kennedy Kalunga, the Permanent Secretary of Information and Media. The ongoing initiative is a top priority in facilitating the growth and development of the broadcasting sector in Zambia. Kalunga has called upon the technocrats currently meeting in Chongwe to expedite the review process.

Kalunga, speaking at the meeting attended by officials from the Ministry of Information and Media, IBA, and ZNBC, emphasized the need to thoroughly scrutinize the current IBA Act and develop a robust legislation that can adapt to the changing landscape of the broadcasting industry.

“The repeal and replacement of the IBA Act is long overdue, considering the advancements in technology and other developments in the broadcasting sector. Therefore, the review of the Act is of utmost urgency. Following this, we will also address the revision of the ZNBC Act, which has also made significant progress,” said Kalunga.

The call to repeal and replace the IBA Act aligns with the evolving nature of the broadcasting industry and the need for updated regulations that reflect current technological and media landscape. The review process aims to ensure that the new law will be relevant and effective in governing the sector for years to come.

Acting IBA Director General Eustace Nkandu expressed gratitude to the Ministry for their guidance and support throughout the ongoing process to repeal and replace the IBA Act. The collaboration between the Ministry, IBA, and other relevant stakeholders highlights the commitment to modernize the regulatory framework and enhance the functioning of the broadcasting sector in Zambia.


  1. He repealed the death sentence and the defamation with a single stroke of a pen. What is so difficult in repealing this law?

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  3. Josephine Mapoma has left IBA board? Good riddance. But this may not happen if they are failing to enact Access to Information Bill. They are slowly enjoying controlling the media space.

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