Tuesday, June 25, 2024

RTA claims a life of a police officer, four others in critical state


An officer from the  Zambia Police  has died while four others are battling for their lives in the district hospital after being involved in a fatal road traffic accident in Luangwa District of Lusaka Province.

Luangwa District Commissioner Luke Chikani confirmed the accident stating that the accident occurred when a front left tire of a Landcruiser  vehicle registration  number ZP 2486B burst on the D145 road in Luangwa district .

Mr Chikani, who rushed to Luangwa   district hospital to check on the injured victims, described the accident as unfortunate.

Mr Chikani said the officers were on duty when the accident happened at Mphuka area at around 11:30 hours today, adding that the four police officers sustained multiple body injuries.

Mr. Chikani expressed sadness over the loss of an officer identified as Constable Peter Jere of Luangwa police post.


  1. All accidents are unfortunate. Unless Mr D. C. is telling us that there are accidents that are okay.
    May those in hospital recover quickly. May the bereaved family be comforted.

  2. Sad indeed We have to learn speed kills
    All police vehicles ignore speed limits its only us normal folk who are targeted

  3. Unfortunate but can we learn from this and avoid such.

    I am starting my own news website called “new dawn times”. Lusaka times has been reduced to a site of clones and perverted imbeciles. To all those interested in us having a new regulated site, all I ask for is a little contribution of 50 pounds per person to fund expenses. At this stage I need to know those who would be interested in this initiative so that I can assess how much capital we can raise. If you are interested in helping can you please upvote this post. I will share my contact details soon once i know how popular this idea is. If you cannot afford a mere 50 pounds then just keep your thoughts to yourself

    • I dont think there’s a connection. The journalists are just lazy so they randomly picked an archive picture and threw it at us

  4. A tyre burst? Not with modern tyre technology. I suspect over-used tyres. It’s sad really losing lives in this way. We can do far better than this.

    • @Gunner in Zambia I strongly concur with you! Poverty and non prioritization of safety for officers and equipment availed for their use! One has to just take a look at the number of threadless worn out tires on police vehicles in use for officers to ply the equally poor roads! These are officers who most often times have to rush at heightened speeds chasing criminals or to crime scenes let alone for emergency situations! Just as for ambulances our police vehicles tires needs replacing with new ones at regular mileage that the vehicle has covered as is when general maintenance service is affected!

  5. Tyre burst is just an excuse to save the driver. Otherwise the real cause was speed then he failed to control the vehicle and crashed. The burst tyre was as a result of the accident.

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