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Finance Minister Situmbeko Musokotwane thanks President Hichilema after winning award


Finance Minister Situmbeko Musokotwane expressed his gratitude to President Hakainde Hichilema for providing steadfast leadership, which led to the country achieving a debt restructuring deal. Dr. Musokotwane commended President Hichilema for setting clear performance benchmarks for the economic management team.

The acknowledgment came shortly after Dr. Musokotwane received the prestigious Foreign Investment Network (FIN) Best of Africa Outstanding Award. The award recognizes his significant contributions to the debt restructuring process and the country’s economic growth.

In a joint letter addressed to the Minister of Finance, FIN Group Chairperson Olayinka Fayomi and FIN USA President Dr. Alex ITkIN lauded Dr. Musokotwane as a prominent global leader. They emphasized that his participation in the FIN Forbes Oil and Gas conference in London would provide an opportunity to share policies and reforms aimed at driving the economy and attracting investments.

Grateful for the recognition, Dr. Musokotwane attributed the award to the majority of Zambians who entrusted the government with the mandate to implement its transformation agenda. He emphasized that the award would not have been possible without President Hakainde Hichilema’s exceptional leadership. The Finance and National Planning Minister pledged to continue on a reform path that aligns with the vision of the UPND administration, catering to the needs of the nation.


  1. Congratulations Dr Situmbeko Musokotwane but I’m not sure Zambia is doing the right thing in the area of what has been dubbed ” empowerment funds”.

    • Don’t you follow news mune? Kz is running away from his court cases and is MIA. thank god for that we have peace on this site. If you miss him you go and find him and stay with him far away from us

  2. Not different from what “Dr” Kambwili achieved. Are we going to eat that certificate? Europeans are grateful for giving them our natural resources without throwing even a single jab.

  3. Perhaps the right question to ask is, how many success stories can we point at since we started throwing money at people in the name of empowerment?

  4. As for the conference which has been called in London by people who have conferred this recognition on Situmbeko Musokotwane, I would advise him to politely decline attendance despite the invitation because it’s really not for government ministers but investors and financiers.

  5. Another empty suit like Mutati, Kasanda, Masebo, Kabuswe and others. Instead of finding ways of sorting out the depreciating kwacha, he’s busy thanking HH and going for meetings he shouldn’t be attending. SMH

  6. This is what happens when you send real men to do the job, it gets done! It’s really tragic to think that men with absolutely zero ability like Lungu, Patrick Mvunga, GBM, Chimbwili etc were once in-charge of the instruments of power in our corridors of state. It was really like sending rabid baboons and monkeys to guard a maize field, no wonder the damage was so collossal. As for Lungu, had it been in China there will be fully grown trees on his grave by now, his reign was the worst ever that kleptomaniac alcoholic SOB, foesek!

  7. These guys were in power because of the carelessness of the Party Secretariate which did not both about taking President Sata to hospital in time. This is what the Party was. It was a Party full of James Hardly scenes and no one bothered to check the fired person who was entering State House illegally.

  8. This is why Chiluba said he could rule over Zambians for 100 years. Give a thief in a suit an award for things you don’t understand. It’s like a computer programmer coming to rescue your computer from crashing by delaying it slightly and you start dancing with joy but forget that the computer will still crash at some point in time.

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