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Water blues hits Kapiri mposhi


Kapiri Mposhi district has been hit by erratic water supply with some areas going completely without piped water for close to two weeks.

A survey conducted revealed that townships that include Riverside, East park, Kawama and Ndeke are affected by the erratic water supply forcing people to walk distances and turn to shallow wells for the commodity.

Judith Mudenda, of Eastpark township complained that Lukanga Water and Sanitation Company is only able to supply water to the area for one hour from 21:00hrs to 22:00hrs daily.

Ms Mudenda fears there will be an outbreak of waterborne diseases if the water challenges are not addressed.

And Chriscential Phiri from Ndeke compound advised the utility company to provide alternative water sources to service the affected areas to mitigate the impact of the water shortage.

“Lusaka water provides water using water bowsers when they have challenges to supply piped water through their network, let Lukanga also learn to use such initiatives to serve the clients,” Mr Phiri said.

But Lukanga Water and Sanitation Company, District Manager, Buumba Simuyambala disclosed that the water utility company has had challenges to adequately supply water because of a broken down water pump at Mushimbili Dam, the main water reservoir for the company.

Mr Buumba said the water utility company has since initiated a rationing schedule to ensure all the compounds have water.

“We have a challenge since one water pump broke down over two weeks ago at Mushimbili dam which is our main water reservoir in the district,” he said.


  1. Bad management no vision no plan
    Farmers around there and mkushi have pumps breaking down yet get up and running in a couple of days at the most
    Even Kabwe is facing the same problem in town centre it is learnt

  2. Can’t these water crises come to end by applying for funding from cdf to purchase new pumps.

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