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Mwinilunga residents urged to embrace keep Zambia clean and green


Mwinilunga Town Council senior Health inspector Agape Mashinyi has appealed to residents in the district to embrace the continuous Keep Zambia Clean, Green, and health program.

Mr. Mashinyi says the program is important as it ensures that people live in clean environments and are protected from preventable diseases such as Cholera.

He said the program is equally important because it does not only protect the environment but also adds to the beauty of the town.

Mr. Mashinyi said this in an interview during the weekly Keep Zambia Clean Green and Health exercise conducted in the district today.

Mr. Mashinyi said communicable diseases such as cholera can easily be avoided simply by ensuring that the environments in which people are living and trading are always kept clean.

“Let us own this program, this is our environment, no one is going to clean this environment for us, if we want a beautiful Mwinilunga let us all participate” said Mr. Mashinyi.

He called on residents in the district to actively participate in the program and own it because no one else can clean their environment apart from themselves.

Mr. Mashinyi acknowledged efforts by the district leadership in ensuring that people turn up for the program and appealed to them to actively participate in the program as it acts as an encouragement to members of the general public to equally participate.

And people in the district have welcomed the program saying it is well intended.

Adrian Lumingu said having a clean environment will protect them from catching diseases such as cholera and called on other residents to fully participate in the program as it was for their own good.

“It is not a government program alone, it is ours, it is us to clean and not the council alone” she said.

Another resident Felix Kang’elu who conducts his business around the chikabu area said a clean environment is important to the business because customers are attracted to go to clean areas.

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