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Kariba Fisheries Association bemoan increased fish theft on Lake Kariba


Kariba Fisheries Association has appealed to government to help the association and fish farmers operating on Lake Kariba to intensify patrols to address increased fish thefts in Siavonga district.

KFA Chairperson Fined Mutempa says the fish industry in Siavonga is a strategic source of employment in the district which has created over 75 percent of jobs for the residents.

He explained that if the industry is not protected against fish thefts on Lake Kariba, many fishing companies risk being closed due to business losses.

“Please, help us as a fishing industry operating on Lake Kariba from fish theft, as many Siavonga residents are employed in this industry,” he said.

He has also called on government to intervene in retrieving the fishing vessels that were impounded in Zimbabwe as a result of  illegal fishing on the Zimbabwean side of the lake.

He has, therefore, called on the fishermen to desist from fishing on the Zimbabwean side of Lake Kariba and consider fishing on the Zambian side where it is safe for business.

Meanwhile, Siavonga District Commissioner, Geoffrey Jakopo said his office is aware of fish theft experienced by KFA and fish farmers on Lake Kariba.

Mr Jakopo disclosed that government has intensified patrols on Lake Kariba as the marine Police are on guard.

“Siavonga residents stop stealing fish from Kapenta Fisheries Association and fish farmers, as they provide employment to our local people, should you be found stealing fish, the law will be tough on you, stop fishing from Zimbabwean side, you have to fish in Zambia,” he said.


  1. It should be a private matter but the Government can step in to help where it can. I would advise Kapenta fishing companies to install CCTV cameras on their rigs and monitor operation of their fishing crew. I think they can afford this technology.

  2. Kariba Fisheries Association needs to be proactive work with the police form neighbourhood watch groups to patrol with the police…provide a patrol boat or lobby for funds for one. Why is it that the Zimbabwean Police are much more organised and very vigilant at catching straying Zambian fishermen within its waters.

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