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Copper Queens Captain Barbara Banda Optimistic Despite World Cup Loss, Focused on Spain Clash


Barbara Banda, the captain of Zambia’s national women’s football team, the Copper Queens, has expressed her team’s determination to move forward after a tough 5-0 defeat against Japan in the ongoing World Cup in New Zealand. Despite the setback, Banda remains hopeful and believes the team has a fighting chance to redeem themselves in their upcoming match against Spain.

In a recent interview, Banda acknowledged the disappointment of the loss against Japan but made it clear that the team is resilient and will learn from their mistakes. The Copper Queens are determined to put the past behind them and focus on their next challenge against Spain.

“We have put the 5-0 loss against Japan behind us,” Banda said, displaying her leadership and optimism. “We know we made some mistakes during that game, and we are working hard to rectify them.”

The Zambia women’s team captain highlighted the areas of concern that need improvement. “We will be focusing on strengthening our defence, midfield, and attacking force,” Banda stated. The team recognizes that a balanced performance across all aspects of the game will be crucial for success in the upcoming match.

The Copper Queens are set to face Spain in their next fixture on Wednesday, and Banda emphasized the importance of approaching the game with a strong mentality. The team aims to secure maximum points against Spain and is eager to showcase their potential on the global stage.

Banda’s leadership and determination have been vital in rallying her team amidst the challenges faced during the World Cup campaign. The Copper Queens, as the representatives of Zambia on the international stage, are determined to make their nation proud.

As the football community eagerly awaits the encounter between Zambia and Spain, fans and supporters have rallied behind Barbara Banda and the Copper Queens, expressing confidence in their ability to bounce back from the previous defeat.

The upcoming match against Spain presents an opportunity for the Copper Queens to showcase their skills, determination, and fighting spirit. With the team’s captain leading by example, Zambia’s national women’s football team is ready to face the challenges that lie ahead.

Zambian football enthusiasts and supporters worldwide are eagerly anticipating a thrilling encounter between the Copper Queens and Spain, hoping for a remarkable performance that will bring pride to their nation.

As the team gears up for their next match, the nation stands united in support of Barbara Banda and the Copper Queens, cheering them on to victory and a memorable World Cup journey.

May the Copper Queens play with passion and determination, carrying the hopes and dreams of Zambia with them on the field.


  1. Do any of you homophobes remember when I told you that neither the Zambian male nor female national soccer teams will ever win a big global tournament until zambia legalises LGBT rights? The women’s team was walloped by Japan. You thought I was lying? Good luck. With Spain it will be 10- nil.

    You cannot expect a team of lesbians to perform their best when they are playing for a country that doesn’t recognise or respect their sexuality.


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