Saturday, June 15, 2024

Chilanga council demolish illegal trading structures


Chilanga Town Council through the District Planning Department has demolished illegal trading structures along Kafue Road and in other parts of Chilanga.

Chilanga Town Council Public Relations Officer, Chimuka Mbewe, said the exercise was being done in an effort to move traders to designated trading places in the District.

Ms. Mbewe explained that the demolition exercise came into effect following the increase in the number of people trading and street vending along Road Reserves.

“Zambia’s Street Vending and Nuisance Act passed the Statutory Instrument (SI) No. 12 of 2018 on Street Vending and Public Nuisance, of which it prohibits street vending and classified it as a public nuisance, making it an offence for anyone trading in undesignated places,” she stated.

The Public Relations Officer stated that the Local Authority has 56 tables at Sangalala Market and 40 tables at Katandabale Market which remain unoccupied.

She said there are sufficient trading spaces to accommodate those trading from the Road Reserves.

Ms. Mbewe added that Chilanga Town Council would have henceforth warned all those in the habit of selling along the road reserves to desist and return to the designated trading places.

This was contained in a press statement .


  1. Something is not right here, Chilanga is a relatively small area, How come Council didnt notice these structures going up in the first place ? or did they just ignore ?

  2. This is the way it should be. This is the change we expected. People should not behave like there are no laws in the country.

  3. It’s not for nothing that it’s said prevention is better than cure. In a lawless country like Zambia, there exist many illegal structures. While you can boast that you’ve cured the problem of illegal structures, damage has already been done. Where were you when these structures were being constructed? You could have stopped the building at foundation level. These people didn’t just wake up and started to build, somebody allowed them even if it were illegal. You’re also accountable for criminal negligence

  4. @tikki, I am amazed by your comment, you know full well that during the days of PF Zambia was lawless and illegality became legal
    @ Academician, you are spot on with your comment.
    We should all be saying well done to the current government for bringing sanity and good governance to Zambia.


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