Thursday, June 13, 2024

Law enforcement agencies urged to learn new technologies- DPP


Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Gilbert Phiri says there is need for law enforcement agencies to be equipped with the capacity to handle financial and economic crimes.

Mr Phiri says financial and economic crimes are complex in nature and should therefore be met with equally intricate methods of countering them.

Remotely addressing participants at the Attorney General Alliance – Africa Programme (AGA-Africa) and Inter-Agency Cooperation Framework training of trainers in Lusaka today, the DPP observed that criminals have taken advantage of technology by using it to advance illegal activities.

“Illicit financial flows pose a complex global challenge. They are extraordinary and complex nature necessitates an extraordinary and multifaceted approach to combating them. Criminals have taken advantage of technology by utilizing it to advance their nefarious activities. Unfortunately, most law enforcement officers and prosecutors have lagged behind criminals in their sophisticated schemes especially since the advent of technological advancement,” the DPP said.

Speaking at the same event, AGA-Africa Programme Director, Chukukere Oparah said recovery of proceeds of crime is critical in disrupting illicit financial flows.

Mr Oparah said actively pursuing recovery of proceeds of crime sends a deterrent to would-be offenders.

He said commitment towards disrupting financial life lines of criminal enterprises is crucial towards upholding justice.

Mr Oparah said his institution has prioritized building capacity with institutions such the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC), Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC) and National Prosecution Authority (NPA).

“I am happy to note that AGA Africa Programme’s work is in the area of asset recovery. We have consistently prioritized conducting training sessions and workshops on this topic with criminal justice actors and other stakeholders within Zambia,” he said.

The two-week programme which has started today is in line with the fight against organized crime with participants being drawn from law enforcement agencies.


  1. Just legalise homosexuality and see how this country will develop and transform. Heterosexuals have failed us time and again. We need gay leaders in africa. Heterosexuals are occupied with womanising and stealing

  2. It is the duty of those entrusted to train Officers in modern technology.
    Officers do not train themselves and then join Police Service, no. Look, up to now our Police Service has no forensic Lab. How can the Police work without. There are many cases in this country that should be investigated as far back as 1964 which need forensic.

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