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Malawian arrested for allegedly raping 18-year-old sister in law


Police in Vubwi District of Eastern Province have arrested a 24-year-old man for allegedly raping his 18-year old pregnant sister in-law.

Lukas Joakim, 24-year old a Malawian, was arrested after allegedly raping his sister in-law, who is 2 months pregnant, near Mthunzi village in Chief pembamoyo’s area.

Eastern Province police Commanding Officer Limpo Liwyalii confirmed the incident  and explained that It is alleged that days before the incident on Thursday last week, the victim, who is Mozambican, escorted her sister in-law to Malawi where there was a family feud.

Mr Liwyali said that on Thursday, July 20 upon bidding farewell to the family in Malawi, the victim was offered an escort by the perpetrator despite her having secured a motorcycle to take her back to Mozambique.

He said on their way, in the morning, the motorcycle on which the two men and the victim were riding sustained a flat tire four kilometers away from Mthunzi village in Chithumba area of Vubwi district.

He explained further that while the rider proceeded to fix the tyre in the neighboring Mthunzi village, the accused seized the opportunity to force himself on his pregnant sister in-law seeing that they were unaccompanied.

He added that while the accused was in the act of having unlawful carnal knowledge with the victim, community members heard screams of distress coming from the bush and managed to rescue the victim.

The accused remains in police custody after medical examinations at Vubwi District hospital on the victim proved conclusive with the unlawful act.

Police have since charged Lukas Joakim with the offense of rape, contrary to section 132 and 133 of the penal code, chapter 87 of the laws of Zambia.



  1. You will never read stories like this involving LGBT people. It is heterosexual who are always acting like animals. And yet they Continue to not legalise lgbt rights. They should make it illegal to be heterosexual

    • Heterosexuals are mostly crazy animals. Makes you wonder why people are so against gays who are law abiding. When last did you hear of a gay attack

  2. Gays are not law abiding. In America. We have a law, right or wrong, illegalising same sex acts in our country.

    • I know of openly gay pastors in America and Europe. Only states that hate black people have anti gay laws in America. You are quick to cry about racism but are openly discriminating against homosexuals. You are a sick animal

  3. This is sickness. What goes through the mind of a rapist? Had we not kicked out PF, by now they would have started ethnic cleansing of some tribes in the South by raping our women.

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