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Chiengi MP Given Katuta Arrested for Common Assault on Photojournalist at Parliament”


Chiengi Member of Parliament, Given Katuta, has been apprehended by the police on charges of Common Assault, according to a statement by Police Spokesperson Rae Hamoonga. The incident came to light after Times of Zambia photojournalist Henry Chunza reported that he was assaulted by the Independent Parliamentarian while on duty at the Parliament premises on July 21, 2023, around 09:00 hours.

Following the complaint from Chunza, the police took swift action and arrested Ms. Katuta, who was being held at Emmasdale Police Station. However, she was expected to be released pending the fulfillment of the Police bond conditions.

The alleged incident occurred on the said date when the Speaker of the National Assembly ordered Ms. Katuta to leave the chambers due to her suspension from the house for a period of one week. As she was exiting, the MP reportedly spat in the face of the journalist and, with the assistance of other members of parliament, physically harassed him. Subsequently, they forced Henry Chunza to delete the pictures he had taken.

One of the Members of Parliament who was identified by the complainant as being present during the assault is Tasila Lungu, the representative of Chawama Constituency.

The news of a Member of Parliament being involved in such an incident has raised concerns among the public and the media community. Assaulting a journalist while they are on duty undermines press freedom and democratic values.


  1. Nellie Kashumba Mutti is an embarrassment. The UPND think that she’s scoring for them but one day they’ll realize that it’s actually into their own goal post. It’s the first time that a sitting Speaker ever stood to debate and defended the Executive over Faith Musonda’s K65M ! Which respect can she command in that House? Anyway time will tell

  2. How close was the same photojournalist and what was he doing when the mp did that?
    If the journalist was taking photos then he fabricated the whole storry unless he was taking passport size photos which i doubt or was he also interviewing the MP? I doubt too.
    The police statement equally has a huge lacunae in it. That journalist will have trouble convincing the court if there’s no video footage in parliament.

  3. Upnd members have assaulted reporters from the private media and nothing has happened to them. Assault is assault regardless of who is assaulted. Ba Times are bankrupt. That reporter should just withdraw the charges and reconcile with the MP. But looking at the name of the reporter it’s doom for my sister.

    • The confusion in the House is arising from the manner that presiding officers are conducting themselves, especially the Speaker

    • For you the arrest of Given Katuta is a tribal witch-hunt. Please advise GK to plead as much in court and also in parliament after serving her suspension and to also call you as a witness to the tribal witch-hunt. What a great day in court that will be.

  4. An MP screaming and spitting in the face of a journalist is recognised now as being called victimization
    Do the crime pay the time, hopefully let no money change hands

  5. Given Katuta was FDD in 2016 now she is independent…a MP of her experience should know better please let the full force of the law be applied as an example to all MPs but we know how underpaid our reporters are this will be resolved out of court…watch this space.

  6. My troll is trying very hard above.

    Some of these journalists deserve a beating. During lazy lungu rule we saw unquestionable cadres qualifying as journalists. These cadres then were used to spread propaganda. I am sure this journalist has loyalty to that lazy man.

  7. We can argue as much as we want, but Given Katuka was extremely wrong to exhibit that behaviour towards the journalist. Aside what transpired in parliament, she should have controlled her anger and kept cool, many of us would have sympathised with her. Spitting on another person is just bad manner no wonder it is a crime. This is an issue between a journalist and a politician and has nothing to do with other political parties. Let her apologise and face the consequences of her bad actions.

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