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Chingola-Solwezi road to be upgraded into dual carriage way


Government says it has engaged a contractor to upgrade the Chingola/Solwezi road into a dual carriageway whose works are expected to commence soon.

North Western Province Permanent Secretary Grandson Katambi said Bet-Pave, a Zambian contractor, has been engaged and has since mobilized equipment to start the works.

Colonel Katambi said this during an inspection tour of the delivered machinery earmarked for construction of the Chingola /Solwezi dual carriage way.

Col. Katambi says the expansion of the road will help decongest traffic and significantly reduce the cost of doing business because goods would be transported on real time.

 ” This project is for the people of North Western Province and so there should be equal participation among the community members. I urge you all yo work together and embrace development as well as take care of this equipment camped in your community,” Col. Katambi said

The Permanent Secretary implored the community members to embrace the project and safeguard the equipment.

Kibanza ward Councillor Moses Kokela, expressed gratitude to the government for the development and that  the expansion of the road network will ease transport modalities and enhance business investment.

He addedthat  the project will create job opportunities for the local people in the area which will improve their livelihoods.

” We are happy with this development as it will decongest traffic and bring about economic investment as well as promote inclusiveness through creation of jobs for the local citizens,” Mr. Kokela Said.

Bet-Pave representative Hastings Mufwaya assured quality service delivery and implored community members to support local contractors.

“Bet-Pave will ensure that the service delivery is of quality and long lasting. I am urging the community members to wholly support local contractors to promote inclusiveness and value addition,” he said.


    • RDA has not said anything about this road. musokotwante and Milupi have said nothing. Where does this Katambi get the power to announce a big road like this one? Who authorised this road? who tendered this road. Where is the EIA? What compenation has been to those who will be displaced?

  1. Without taking anything away from Solwezi, I think that the road that needs immediate attention is the Turn Pike to Lusaka and the Lusaka-Ndola due to congestion. I’ve driven on the Solwezi -Chingola road several times and there isn’t that much traffic. Before anything else, why don’t they recall or arrest the contractor that worked on the Mushindamo stretch? Why do they want to jump to another project before they address the outstanding matters. Nabalyamo?

  2. Decongest Chingola-Solwezi road from what??? Trees?? There is no traffic to decongest… lets focus on Lusaka- Ndola; Kaoma-Mongu; Serenje-Chinsali; Mpika-Kasama; Chongwe-Luangwa bridge or Chipata-Chama…

  3. The question is why is govt engaging a contractor why are you not going through competitive Tender and Procurement process..what is it about this local contractor you have engaged that makes them stand out. Where is the transparency you criticised the previous govt for…upgrading a dual carriageway is not just a matter of adding lanes; there us more to it.


  5. unless Katambi does not use this road…..what congestion has he noted not this road?
    PS you where the first to oppose this road , What has changed now?

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