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FIFA Women’s World Cup: evolution and global recognition


Zambia is going to the Women’s World Cup for the first time! In honor of this event, the global betting company 1xBet has decided to tell you about the tournament, which will be held from July 20 to August 20.


For the first time in history, the women’s world championship will be held in two countries at once – Australia and New Zealand. FIFA is sure that the expansion of the geography of the tournament will increase its commercial value and popularity in the world.


For the first time in history, 32 teams will play at the Women’s World Cup, divided into eight groups. The two best teams from each group will advance to the playoffs, where they will continue the fight for the main trophy from the 1/8 final stage.

Historic success for Zambia

The Zambian national team will play in its first World Cup – an excellent result for a country whose men’s national team has never played in the final stages of the main tournament of the planet. The team led by Bruce Mwape got into a difficult group C, where Spain, Costa Rica and Japan became its rivals.

African perspectives

In addition to Zambia, the Moroccan team will debut at the World Cup. The team from North Africa will play Germany, Colombia and South Korea in the group. For the more experienced South African team, this tournament will be the second. The South African girls were in an extremely strong group with Sweden, Italy and Argentina.

The Nigerian national team has long been the flagship of women’s football in Africa and will play at the World Cup for the ninth (!) time. Randy Waldrum’s team will play Australia, Ireland and Canada in the group. It is obvious that Nigerian fans will consider the failure from such a group to be a big setback.


History of the Women’s World Cup

The first-ever Women’s World Cup occurred in China in 1991 when twelve teams competed for the title. The winner was the US team, which defeated Norway in the final. In total, the Americans have 4 world titles, including the last two, which they won in Canada and France. The German national team was twice the best in the world, Norway and Japan won the Cup once. Can anyone challenge Team USA this time?

Women’s football popularity

The European Championship and the African Cup in Morocco, which took place in England, caused a significant increase in interest in women’s football worldwide. The reason is simple – women’s football is becoming more technical and fast. The women’s Euro 2022 final in London was attended by 87,000 spectators, and the main match of the Africa Cup in Rabat, Morocco – by 46,000 people! TV ratings of the top women’s matches also show fantastic numbers – 1.12 billion viewers watched the final game of the 2019 World Cup between the USA and the Netherlands.

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The Zambian women’s team will go to the World Cup for the first time in history!

The Zambian national team will play in its first World Cup, which will occur in two countries at once – Australia and New Zealand. The team led by Bruce Mwape got into a difficult group C, where Spain, Costa Rica and Japan will become its rivals.

Together with Zambia, the Moroccan team will also make its debut at the World Cup. Also, the South African team and the Nigeria’s most experienced national team will play from Africa.

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The Zambia women’s team will go to the World Cup for the first time in history


  1. It’s clear that the team’s technical team isn’t working. What was their assessment of the turf before they made the team wear wrong boots? Again they have decided to let the team use brand new boots, have the players trained in them long enough to get accustomed? It’s clear that wrong people are in charge. I won’t be surprised if we get booted out with an embarrassing scoreline again. We might stay on by sheer luck

    • Boots for young boys, size 3-7, which the girls got from embassy yesterday can cost $50, or $100 maximum. Do boots for boys cost K19,000? That’s they day they paid.

  2. Management and coaches for the women have caused the team to lose prematurely because of the alleged sexual totos.. real religious people abstain from sex. Shaka never allowed his worriors to sleep with any women during the war times. And generally, all Africans are aware that sex, affects /hinders successes in competition, including betting. Therefore, if the allegations against the coach and others are true, then they are to blame for the losses

  3. Zambia has since lost 5 vs 0 to Spain and 5 vs 0 to Japan. well try it’s your first time at the world cup!!!!

  4. I now understand why former Zairean dictator Mobutu Seseko used to have all players locked up when they returned home with such results. I am just saying

  5. Am told the players have to sleep (have sexxxx) with with the Management and the coach in order to be featured on the starting line up…even to be selected to the National Team you have to impress the coach and Reuben Kamanga in bed…and we expect to win

  6. I have seen governments response to this bashing to be very lukewarm when government should be pushing for a board of inquiry looking at the huge tax papers money spent. The losses in terms of scores are just too huge to be ignored. If Zambia beat Costa Rica by 5 goals to nil, then we can wave the board of inquiry

  7. Just like managing our economy…we have all the natural resources and we choose to be beggars,,,,in sport we have God given physic and strength but we cant compete with individuals who have less physic than us and they depend on steroids and other strength enhancement products.

  8. Who cares where the world cup is held. All we know is our lucky number is 5. We dare Costa Rica to score more than 5 .

  9. Corruption and a waste of tax payers money….even the Men’s National Soccer team is just a waste of our tax payers money….we can use the money to sanitary public toilets in Markets….can the Government tell Zambian voters how much was spent at the world cup…including delegations allowances and accommodation

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