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Govt welcomes US$50 million Airtel 5 G internet investment


Government has commended Airtel Zambia for investing US$ 50 million dollars in a 5 G digital communication technology.

Minister of Technology and Science Felix Mutati applauded Airtel for being a leader in digital telecommunications.

 Mr Mutati said government will continue to provide a conducive environment for players in the communication sector to thrive.

He said the desire of government is to see that the internet is accessible and made available to all parts of the country and contribute to economic growth.

Mr Mutati urged players in the telecommunications sector to take advantage of the incentives that government is providing and enhance internet connectivity in the country.

He stressed that the 5 G internet will enhance speed and faster internet connectivity and lead to productivity in sectors such as health, agriculture and mining.

And speaking earlier at the same event, Minister of Information and Media Chushi Kasanda said the coming of 5 G will transform and shape the way of life for the Zambian people.

Ms Kasanda expressed optimism that the 5 G internet will immensely contribute to the country’s economic growth.

She said entrepreneurs will be empowered to reach new markets with the launching of the 5 G interwork and lead to business growth.

Ms Kasanda called on people to embrace the 5 G technology if the country is to fully benefit from the cutting edge technology.

She said the 5 G internet has the potential to drive economic development and improve the livelihoods of the people.

The Minister described the launch of 5 G as a giant leap in the telecommunications sector.

Meanwhile, Airtel Africa – Regional Director Apoorva Mehrotra said the launch of the 5 G will revolutionize internet broadband services in the country.

Mr Mehrotra said Airtel remains committed to offering affordable and faster internet connectivity to its clients.

He said the company will work expeditiously in rolling out the 5 G network across the country.

Mr Mehrotra said the aim of Airtel is to ensure that people in rural areas have the same internet speed like those in urban areas.

He reiterated that Airtel Zambia will continue to invest in the country’s telecommunications infrastructure.

Mr Mehrotra telecommunications sector is going to have access to high speed internet.

And Zambia Information & Communications Technology Authority (ZICTA)

Director General Choolwe Andrew Nalubamba said the launch of the 5 G internet has excited his organisation and that it will transform internet broadband speed. Mr Nalubamba said ZICTA is looking forward to the extensive 5 G rollout as promised by Airtel.

He said ZICTA is eager to see Airtel clients benefit from the 5 G internet.

Mr Nalubamba reaffirmed ZICTA’s commitment to creating an enabling environment in the telecommunications sector.


  1. You can bring even 6G or 7G but as long as their internet bundles costs are high it will still not benefit anyone anymore than whatever their customers are using now.

  2. Mutati is a very dull Minister heading a very big Ministry. When Zamtel is supposed to be leading, he his busy praising capitalist just like his boss. When people have been complaining about disappearing Airtel bundles he has been mute. The scammers have using Airtel SIM cards and his ZICTA seem not know their job.

  3. So where exactly is Airtel investing this $50m USD for 5G? Is it infrastructure for the whole country? The problem with Mutati is he gets excited when he sees any opportunity for announcements on camera and free goodie bags. We are still waiting on first Zambian Satelite launch he announced a couple of years ago.

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