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Lack of capacity by some contractors to undertake CDF projects worrying


A Civic leader in Manyinga district has bemoaned lack of capacity by some local contractors to undertake Constituency Development Fund (CDF) projects.

Kaula Ward Councilor Greg Kapenda said that the residents are appreciative of the CDF initiative but the major challenge has been lack of capacity by local contractors to do the projects.

Mr Kapenda said he understands the provision of CDF guidelines and Presidential directive that local contractors should be used to undertake CDF projects in respective constituencies.

“I think we should revisit that provision because some of the local contractors do not have the muscle to carry out the CDF works effectively,” he said.

He said currently Kaula ward has a number of CDF projects that are still underway using funds from the 2022 budget.

MR Kapenda said that the ward has constructed a Medical laboratory at St. Kalemba Mission Hospital and what is remaining is connecting electricity and water to the new infrastructure.

“As I am talking the supplier has already bought the material and within the course of next week water and electricity will be connected,” he said.

He added that the Ward Development Committee (WDC) also applied for electricity to be connected to Mundanya Health Post and hoped that the health facility could be connected in the next two months.

Mr Kapenda said there is also a one by three classroom block under construction at slab level at Kalibingi School.

“Although we had few problems with the contractor we have resolved the issue and within one week works are expected to resume,” he said.

Meanwhile, Mr Kapenda said work to construct a 1 x 2 classroom block at Kaula Secondary School has stalled as the contractors that had bid for the project could not manage and that the project has been re-tendered.


  1. That’s because you are giving preference to your party members. From the Unip times to date all projects given to cadres have not been successful. How can one fail to carry out the works with the money that’s being dished out?

  2. This is nonsense payment should be given out as each stage is completed and not in advance
    When will we ever learn from past mistakes.

  3. Find contractors with tractors to grow food. All CDF should go in agriculture. Thinking is not a crime.

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