Sunday, June 23, 2024

Lundazi trio jailed for unlawful possession of game meat


Three people in Lumezi District have been sentenced to one month imprisonment with hard labour for unlawful possession of a government trophy.

Lundazi Resident Magistrate, Joseph Kapila sentenced Maxwell Chima, 68, of Musekeni Village, Winson Mbebe, 55, of Chibamba Village and Manase Banda, 38, of Mumbi Village all of Chief Kazembe’s area.

Facts of the offence are that the trio on 18th July, 2023, jointly and whilst acting together had in their possession a government trophy, namely Kudu meat weighing 33 kilograms without a certificate of ownership as required by law.

The trio pleaded guilty to committing the offence and asked the court to exercise lenience on them as they were the first offenders.

In mitigation Chima told the court that he was looking after four children at home and no one would sell his harvested cotton if sent to jail.

Mbebe and Banda said they did not know that the meat was a government trophy as they were just given a kilogram and half each by the first convict.

In passing judgement, Magistrate Kapila reminded two of the convicts that they were supposed to ask the type of meat they were given before getting it.

Meanwhile, Magistrate Kapila said he took into consideration the statement of the convicts and noted that two of them were senior citizens.

He disclosed that in order to deter offenders and help the convicts to reform, he sentenced them to month imprisonment with hard labour with effect from July 20th, 2023.


  1. How cruel do you have to be to kill such a gentle giant. It should become punishable by death for killing wildlife. Some ignorant african footballers have lost their careers here for kicking cats.

  2. White men live in our national parks, unsupervised killing and eating our animals every day. What precious stones they find there, the pocket. They harvest the skins of these animals for sale in Europe. There is a tussle between these white men and the Africans who use the animals for survival, they are arrested. What we are seeing is a government that favouring white foreigners over the locals.

  3. Unfortunately killing of animals has been commercialized instead of domestic consumption. Commercial killing depletes our animal stock.

  4. They are the ones that are causing lions to be found in Towns now because of a lack of antelopes and other prey, the large predators such as leopards, hyenas and lions are attacking livestock in urban and peri urban areas.

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