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Minister of Lands predicts second term for HH


Minister of Lands Elijah Muchima has predicted that the people of Zambia will ask President Hakainde Hichilema to seek a second term of office because of his good leadership.

Dr. Muchima said President Hichilema is selfless and has a big heart for the country.

He believes currently President Hichilema is creating an unprecedented legacy .

Speaking when First Quantum Minerals Limited donated land to the Government in Ndola on Thursday, Dr. Muchima highlighted debt restructuring, free education and recruitment of public workers as some achievements President Hichilema has scored.

“People have been thinking President Hakainde is just traveling anyhow, looking for wine. No, he doesn’t drink. He has been looking for friends to help him and he has managed. He wanted to cure the problem of the debt, the restructuring. Our friends (PF Government) left a big debt, there has not been any money and even today we have free education, teachers, nurses have been recruited,” he said.

Dr. Muchima continued:”The President has a big heart for this country. He is so dynamic and I can foresee you people of Zambia asking for another term for HH because the legacy he is creating is unprecedented. He is not a selfish man, look at his cabinet, balanced. Look at the things he is doing.”

He said President Hichilema was on the right path as Head of State.

“He has the interest of the people, not himself. This country today the IMF is coming in, that debt has been restructured in the interest of us the people just like Kaunda did, and Mwanawasa did. We need to follow good trends,” he said.


  1. Still talking about PF. PF is history you thick brains. You should have been half way by now in delivering what you lied to Zambian people. You said your HH was going to fix it,but has failed. Ruling a country and running personal business are two different things. Mukose fye ba UPND.

  2. We don’t have serious opposition in Zambia just a bunch of Jokers….and Bandits…they have nothing to offer….PF is full of Bandits…UPND is equally the same..just Bandits

  3. When will this end. I was a child when Kamalondo & Co used to say Kaunda Wamuyayaya ie Kaunda until the end of the world. Can’t the president tell these soothsayers that their job is to deliver services not predictions. Suppose HH dies (God forbid) before the election how’s going to win the second term.
    Your job is not measured by how loudly you praise HH.

    • These guys never learn he has been invited to officiate at ceremony where a Private company is handing land to people he starts politicking and kissing up to his boss who appointed him…do you remember Bowman where is he now?

    • Look at the troll trying hard for attention by bolding his words. Everyone knows I am never that desperate to bold my words

  4. It is this pompous pf type of behaviour that led to the down fall of lazy lungu and his gang of criminals. Hh has made some questionable decisions, especially around appointments of loyal supporters. I hate referring to my relatives, but my uncle chilombo is a good example. A man who sacrificed everything is now left destitute sat at home without a job in govt.

    • And where do you guys get so many pics of that little lived KK era drink from? Surely it wasnt that popular to have birthed so many emojis? Kikikikikiki!

    • Chicken George, the troll has forced me to search for various profile pictures because it is sad to create its own profile. Don’t pay it any attention. Eventually it will get bored and move on

      Please note that the troll is using bold words.

  5. When this type of idolising of the President starts just know that ministers have became comfortable and are eating well this is a red flag, its long overdue for Hakiande to do a reshuffle you can not have the same ministers in the same positions for two years….reshuffle them around. We dont even know whether we have a Govt Spokeperson as she has been quiet; busy drawing a salary

  6. In the last days, there’ll be many false prophets and they’ll mislead many. If he has failed to sort out the issue of Forest 27, can he be a true prophet?

    • Appears the minister is a kamushi (village bred). The mines have always surrendered land to the government whenever it becomes irrelevant to the company. From the days of KK to HH and beyond.

  7. He probably will. The power of incumbency is very strong. The only good thing he has done is to end tribalism. On everything else, I do not agree with him, and on still others, I actually resent the fellow. We only have one Zambia, why the hell are you giving 20, 000 acres of land to Rwanda, which has driven its ethnic problems into Zambia by saddling us with Hutus? Why do you 20, 000 acres of land to Kenya- what has Kenya ever done for Zambia? What smoke filled room are you making these deals in, and whose land is this you are giving away? I am sure none of it is yours. And why do the opposition not challenge this in court? Who gave Hakainde the power to give our land to another country? Can he give away a province? Will other president have this power too?

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