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70 year old refugee murdered


A 23 year old Zambian man has allegedly murdered a 70 year old man of Meheba settlement in Kalumbila district of North-western Province.

North-western Province Commissioner of Police Denis Moola confirmed the incident that occurred today, July 28, 2023 around 06:00 hours.

“First-hand information on the case of murder occurred on July 28, 2023 around at 06:00hours at Meheba Refugee camp Road 34 block D of Kalumbila District,” said Mr. Moola.

Mr. Moola said the incident was reported on July 28, 2023 at 07:00 hours at Meheba police station by a man identified as Zikingali Pius aged 35 years, a congolese national of the said area.

“He reported that a member of the community identified as Cony Andrew aged 70 years a Congolese national of Chief Matebo, village Meheba has been brutally murdered by a man identified as Boas Ndanji a Zambian national aged 23 years of Chief Mumena, village Ndanji who came to Meheba Refugee camp Road 34 block D to do some piece works,” he said.

He explained that police rushed to the scene and found the body of the deceased laying on the ground facing upwards.

“Physical inspection was conducted on the body of the deceased and the findings were that the deceased sustained a crushed head and a cut on the right hand,” he added.

He stated that brief facts of the matter are that the deceased was on his way to church when he was attacked by Boas Ndanji.

“The suspect has been arrested and will appear in court soon. Meanwhile the suspect has given no reason for his actions,” he added.

Mr. Moola also said the body of the deceased has since been deposited into Lumwana First level hospital mortuary awaiting post-mortem and burial.


  1. “has been brutally murdered by a man identified as Boas Ndanji a Zambian national aged 23 years of Chief Mumena”
    Murder can only be proclaimed by a court of law. Report properly. It is “allegedly murdered” until there’s a conviction

    • Your so called editing is also partially wrong again. The man was killed or murdered, no questions about it according to assessment based on physical evidence. The term,”allegedly’ is supposed to be applied in relation to the accused. That, heos alleged

    • You can start splitting hairs as much as you like the sentence quoted above can never be passed by an editor for publishing. For three reasons: 1It identifies the accused-as a convict- 2 determines this must have been a murder 3 The murder must have been committed by the accused. Its not always that when a person is killed it is murder.

  2. These are heterosexuals causing mayhem. The day we have gay president we will become the most advanced and safest country in world

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