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Zambia and Israel inks agreement on general framework of cooperation


Zambia and Israel have signed a General Framework Agreement of cooperation between the two countries under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation.

Zambia’s Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation Minister, Stanley Kakubo, signed on behalf of Zambia while Mr. Eli Cohen, signed on behalf of the State of Israel.

The aim of the agreement is to provide a framework for cooperation between the Republic of Zambia and the State of Israel on the basis of equality and reciprocity in fields of mutual interest.

The signed agreement also aims to strengthen bilateral relations between the two countries.

The agreement will further reaffirm the importance of economic and social cooperation for the betterment of the two countries.

The areas of the signed agreement shall be in Education and Culture, Agriculture, Water, Green Economy and Environment, Information, Communication and Technology, Economic Cooperation and other areas of mutual interest to be agreed upon by both parties.

Speaking prior to the signing ceremony, Mr. Kakubo said Zambia and Israel have for a long time enjoyed good relations and would want to continue working together for the mutual benefits of both countries.

Mr. Kakubo said the areas of the general framework would greatly benefit the two peoples of both Zambia and Israel.

“Zambia and Israel have for a long time been enjoying good relations and we would like to continue working together for the benefits of the people of both countries,” said Mr. Kakubo.

And the State of Israel Foreign Affairs Minister Eli Cohen reaffirmed his country’s commitment to work with Zambia in various areas of mutual benefits for the two countries.

“I wish to state that my country has enjoyed cordial relationships with your country and we would like to continue collaborating in areas of mutual benefits for both countries.

Zambia’s Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation minister Stanley Kakubo is in Israel with President Hakainde Hichilema who arrived  today  for a 3- day State Visit marking his debut visit to this country since his election as Zambia’s 7th republican President in August 2021.

President Hichilema, is in Israel   at the invitation of His Excellency Mr. Isaac Herzog, President of the State of Israel.

Among other engagements lined up for President Hichilema while in Jerusalem, is to attend a meeting on creating an ecosystem for innovation – the Israeli Model at the King David Hotel, Ambassadors Garden Hall.

Mr. Kakubo says during the visit, President Hichilema is expected to engage in crucial talks with His Excellency President Herzog and His Excellency Mr. Benjamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister of the State of Israel, as well as other high-ranking officials.

He says the discussions will delve into critical bilateral and regional issues, prioritising peace, security, and peace-building initiatives.

Mr. Kakubo adds that beyond the official engagements, President Hichilema will also open the Zambia–Israel Business Forum under the theme “Agro-Business Opportunities to Guarantee Food Security”.

He says President Hichilema’s visit offers a platform to further reinforce the strong and growing ties between Zambia and Israel, while exploring fresh avenues for further partnership in areas such as trade, technology, renewable energy, desert agriculture techniques, healthcare, and education.

“The visit aligns seamlessly with the President’s sweeping Economic Transformation Agenda by providing a vital opportunity to foster valuable partnerships with the dynamic business landscape of Israel, unlocking lucrative investment possibilities,” he added.

He noted that Israel’s unparalleled expertise in innovation and technology opens the doors to a world of mutually beneficial possibilities.

Mr. Kakubo says President Hichilema is expected to return to Zambia immediately after his engagements.


  1. Free Political Science Lecture-Political definitions
    President:The man citizens vote for so he can travel thousands of kilometres to sign meaningless agreements
    His Entourage: Hangers on
    Cabinet: A group of Yes Men, who imagine themselves to be very important because they are driven in cars with flags but chosen only to come and doze in meetings chaired by the President
    Govt Spokesperson: One of these dozing individuals who starts his or her speech only when DeadNBC cameramen arrive
    Opposition: Fred Mmembe

  2. Just wasting tax payers money with all these nonsensical foreign trips…..just say HH is in Isreal for medical checkups using tax payers money

  3. Kanshi naya. How did I miss it? Coincidence? Today we were supposed to be told on the final decision on our beleaguered mines but the main man has left the responsibility to Kabuswe.

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