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FRA on course to buy 2.6 million bags of maize in Muchinga


Muchinga Province Minister Henry Sikazwe says the Food Reserve Agency (FRA) is on course towards achieving the target of buying about 65,000 metric tonnes of maize from farmers in the province.

 Mr Sikazwe stated that the rate at which farmers are selling their maize to FRA in the province has been impressive as evidenced from the many satellite depots visited so far.

Speaking when he checked on the Chozi and Mwenzo Satellite Depots in Nakonde district, Mr Sikazwe stated that farmers should continue selling their maize to FRA to help the country remain food secure in case of any disaster.

He said FRA should ensure that it also continues paying the farmers on time in a bid to motivate them towards increasing their productivity.

“I am impressed with the level we are moving at here in Nakonde and the province at large with regard to the number of maize bags that are being bought from our farmers,” he stated.

However, the Provincial Minister expressed concern over reports of some farmers allegedly selling maize to neighbouring Tanzania, stressing that the illegal selling of maize outside the country should be discouraged at all costs.

He said FRA in collaboration with security wings should quickly intervene in any activities of smuggling maize into Tanzania.

“The news we got three weeks ago was that some people from Tanzania are buying maize. Let us sensitise our farmers to sell their maize to FRA because we are keeping food for them that they will need when circumstances arise,” said Mr Sikazwe.

And Muchinga FRA Standards and Quality Officer Robinson Nyambe, said the response to sell maize to the agency has so far been remarkable from the local farmers.

Mr Nyambe stated that there has been no cases of farmers selling maize outside the country recently, adding that security wings and FRA have been on the ground to closely monitor the farmers.

He further disclosed that farmers who sold their maize to FRA since the agency started buying the commodity in Nakonde district are already getting paid for their grain.

Mr Nyambe disclosed that the treasury last week released K50 million, which is sitting in the bank, for maize marketing in Nakonde FRA about K100, 000 has already been paid to the farmers so far.

“Our target is that by Monday next week, all the farmers that sold their produce here will be paid,” he added.

Recently, there have been reports of some farmers from the Nakonde Border town, allegedly selling their maize to Tanzania.

FRA has targeted to buy 2.6 million x 50 kg bags of white maize from farmers in Muchinga Province during the marketing season.


  1. Self deceit is a serious disease that must be tackled immediately, especially in political circles. When you divide 100,000 by 280 it gives you 357 bags. Muchinga is an agricultural dependent economy. If FRA can so far manage a paltry 357 x 50kg bags only someone who can’t think properly would call it impressive. The low turnout of farmers at depots is nationwide. Just accept that there’s no maize. Many farmers have soyabeans but they’re being turned away because FRA isn’t accepting any deliveries. Farmers are upset. Ignore them but that won’t change facts

  2. That’s good. Mop up all the maize. The region is still short of grain including the Kenyans and Tanzanians.

  3. I can garantee you 2.6 millions is an over estimate
    the maize harvest was not that good last year
    obviously they are buying but not those volumes

  4. Buy the maize to sale to Tanzania. It now appears like FRA in conjunction with the ZNS want to have monopoly over maize exports, not to mention the disregard of maize as a matter of food security. UPND doesn’t learn from history. The commodity price will go up to 500 by the end of the year.
    Also, our journalists fail us desperately. Where did the 15 million dollars we got from DRC for maize go? To ZNS, FRA or private farmers?

    • @Uncle Spider. Well said!!! Where did this bunch of incompetent characters come from and how did they worm their way into power? SMH

    • Excuse me GRZ buys for zmw so if they sell for $$ must those farmers get those $$ I think not
      Incompetant characters sure I agree BUT bear in mind each incoming GRZ takes over thousands !!! of the previuos regimes workers, and so it shall be when this party leaves office
      that is the chalange

  5. In PF it was K150 now in UPND it’s K300. Do we still have subsidy on Maize via FISP or not? Does FRA subsidize millers with cheap Maize? Or the subsidy money is being chewed by our officers? The chain is broken somewhere.

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