Sunday, June 16, 2024

Govt to assist traders of gutted Misale market -Mulyata


Government has assured support to traders at Misale market, in Lusaka, whose 15 makeshift stores were gutted earlier this week.

Lusaka Province Minister, Sheal Mulyata, who visited the market, said the affected traders will be assisted soon after determining the extent of the losses.

 Ms. Mulyata said her visit was aimed at determining how the government can help the affected traders.

“When I saw Mr. Banda on TV that day of the fire, I was looking at him, he is unable now to even take care of himself and we cannot sit back as a government, we shall help these people,” said Ms. Mulyata.

She said there is need to establish how much was lost, names and other details of the affected, in order to determine that indeed it is Zambian citizens who are in trouble.

“So we need the councilor to come in, bring the names of those people that were trading here and the property that has been lost from this, as a listening government, we are able to come in and see what we can do. Of course, we cannot fail,” said Ms. Mulyata.

The minister urged all the traders in the district to take precautions when handling security issues.

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