Monday, June 24, 2024

Ndola man nabbed for having sex with goat


A 38 year-old man of Ndola’s Mukolwe area has been arrested for allegedly having sex with a goat.

Copperbelt Police commanding officer Peacewell Mweemba said Kennedy Sileke, a farm manager, reported that Mwape Mawabele was found having  sex with a she- goat.

Mr Mweemba said the she-goat sustained swollen and bruised private parts.

“Brief facts of the matter are that, around 23:00 hours, whilst the reporter was in his house asleep at the farm.  He was awakened by his wife who told him to go and check on the goat pen as there was a strange noise coming from the shelter,” he said.

The Police Commanding Officer said Mr Sileke then went out to check and was surprised to find the door to the goat pen which was closed was wide open.

“The complainant heard a goat crying from a nearby bush, he then followed the direction of the noise. And when he drew closer, he saw a person who was half naked in an act of having sex with a goat despite it crying so loud,” said Mr Mweemba.

The Police Commanding Officer said Mr Sileke went and pulled the suspect and noticed that it was his neighbor whom he identified as Mwape Mawabele.

He said the suspect became unruly and violent as he tried to free himself, however the complainant managed to overpower him and in the process the suspect was beaten.

Mr Mweemba said with the help of the complainant’s wife, the suspect was taken to Jacaranda Villa Police Post.

 He added that due to the injuries he sustained as he tried to break free, the suspect was taken to Ndola Teaching Hospital for medical treatment by the Police.

Mr Mweemba said the suspect is currently still admitted at the hospital and on Police guard.

He said the she-goat has since been medically examined by the veterinary doctor whose findings are consistent with the alleged offence.

Mr Mweemba said the suspect has been charged with bestiality and will appear in court soon


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