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Veep says 2023 Agriculture show will spur economic transformation


Vice President Mutale Nalumango says she is confident that this year’s Agriculture and Commercial Show will bring about inclusive and economic transformation that is centered on equitable distribution of wealth.

Ms Nalumango said the show will set the tone for industrialization that will be premised on value addition in agriculture, mining and manufacturing sectors which have strong linkages for economic development.

She said government has prioritized mining, agriculture, manufacturing and tourism as key drivers for the country’s economic growth agenda.

The Vice President said this when she officiated at the Luncheon held ahead of the official opening of the 95th Lusaka Agriculture and Commercial Show.

Ms Nalumango noted that the agricultural and commercial show is an important day on the calendar as it brings different players of the economy to showcase different products and innovations.

She said the show opens the country to the region and beyond for investments and trade opportunities.

Ms Nalumango stated that the show has also come at the right time when the country is positioning itself for economic recovery.

“I want to thank all the relevant line ministries that have taken part in this year’s show. This is commendable because a number of exhibitors have displayed excellent products and services. And from this, I can tell that as a country we are headed somewhere,” said Ms Nalumango.

The Vice President said through the four strategic development areas identified in the 8th National Development Plan, government will be able to address the economic challenges affecting the country.

Ms Nalumango stated that government will do everything possible to transform the well-being of its people.

And speaking at the same event, Show Society President Duncan Mfula said a number of strategies and programs have been lined up to ensure that it improves the activities of the show.

Mr Mfula stated that the society has invested in improving infrastructure by adding up two new halls to accommodate a number of exhibitors.

He said the society also wants to go digital by investing in E-ticketing so that people are able to buy online unlike physically buying the tickets.

“As a society we want to improve in technology. We want to go Digital so that it can be convenient for both the employees and the show goers who are usually lined up outside just to get the tickets,” noted Mr Mfula.

And the Zambia Industrial Commercial Bank Chief Executive Officer Ignatius Mwanza said the bank will continue to support the government in all sectors of the economy.


    • The question every man should ask is………

      what can I do for my country…….

      not what can my country do for me….

    • #Spaka don’t be naive. In Zambia if you look cleverer than the president, you end up in jail. So you ask what can I do for my country? Answer is nothing…mwikala patalala mwine apatalalika.

  1. We’re really tired of this Wagner guy with his kind of go-in from behind evil agenda.Ban this person LT.

    • You will be banned before I am banned. There is no rule I am breaking. Lusaka times are mature enough to understand what freedom of speech is. Long gone are the pf days were you could force LT to block people. Your children are probably hiding their gayness because of you being a terrible parent.

  2. Zambia has really not exploited its vast agri-potential to even half maximum.For comparison tiny New Zealand has agricultural exports of $20b a year.

  3. This woman had a big mouth while in Opposition but now he has realized that its easier said than done

  4. @ Mlevi Kachasyu
    Am you know who this moron wagner is…the same makaka Kaizar Zulu…just ignore this pompwe he has nothing to do in his life just seeking attention on the internet

    • Is this kaizar guy some sort of super human? I have seen his name being mentioned on most posts. It seems he is blamed for everything but I remember seeing kaizar himself blog here at same time as that evil sinner wagner. 1 one thing I know about kaizar is he likes womanntoo much. Him even steal my girlfriend one time at hotel in Lusaka. I hate the guy but I know he hide now cause the police chase him

  5. Cheap talk! The New Doom govt lacks action on anything that can improve people’s livelihood. The more reason people are missing ECL. When Edgar Lungu was leaving State House he said and I quote “You have voted me out but you will remember me” Edgar, KK and LPM knew the kind of person we were entertaining. The 3 men had a foresight just by studying the character of BMW. The Bembas say Ïcikwanka bacimwena kumampalanya”
    Tepapa ngowaku Roma. Tulenya tulelapila!!


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