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Edith Nawakwi warned and cautioned by Police following abduction allegations


The President of the Opposition Forum for Democracy and Development (FDD), Edith Nawakwi, has been warned and cautioned by the police in Lusaka, Zambia, following allegations of threatening violence and abduction. The alleged offences are said to have taken place between September 2020 and May 2022.

According to Police spokesperson Rae Hamoonga, Ms. Nawakwi, in collaboration with others who remain unidentified, is accused of threatening to cause injury and harm to Pheluna Hatembo and Milton Hatembo due to a land dispute. The incident is related to the sale of farm 1924 in Kalomo District, Southern Province, which is reportedly owned by President Hakainde Hichilema.

According to the police spokesperson, the Hatembo siblings fled their homes in fear of potential harm from Ms. Nawakwi and her associates. The allegations include threats of violence if they refused to sign documents intended for a motion in the High Court pertaining to the sale of the disputed farm.

Mr. Hamoonga further elaborated, “While this is the second offence of abduction, it is alleged that Ms. Edith Nawakwi, while acting with others unknown, did force Pheluna Hatembo and Milton Hatembo into confinement against their will at different lodges. She deceitfully lured them to Lusaka from Choma, promising to assist them with a matter she had prepared.”

During their alleged confinement, the Hatembo siblings were reportedly not allowed to communicate with anyone or move freely without Ms. Nawakwi’s authorization. These incidents were reported to have taken place between September 2020 and May 2022.

Following the recording of the warn and caution statement, Edith Nawakwi was released by the police. The investigation into the matter is ongoing, and legal proceedings will be determined based on the evidence gathered.


  1. Just change of colors from green to red otherwise PF and UPND is just the same and UPND is even worse…i used to admire Nawakwi when she was Finance Minister more than 30 years ago…now she is old and bitter

  2. Make sure she pays for the abductions…….

    We are still waiting for the evidence she promised to show us of corruption by HH………..

    and while you are at it………

    We also want to see the evidence from tiyali……….he was brandishing a big bundle of print outs he said was evidence of corruption by HH

  3. There was also an attempt to silence the gay movement by trying to abduct our secretary. We gays will persevere. You cannot stop God’s work.

  4. My question is why she took much interest in the farm which she did not own?

    Or was she acting as a middlewoman when the farm was sold?

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