Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Ministry of Education Initiates Curriculum Reform


The Ministry of Education has embarked on a comprehensive curriculum reform aimed at cultivating the essential human capital required to drive societal progress and development. Education Minister, Douglas Syakalima, highlighted the pivotal role of a well-structured curriculum in enabling individuals to acquire lifelong learning competencies.

During the official inauguration of the capacity-building workshop on curriculum organized by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization International Bureau of Education (UNESCO-IBE), Minister Syakalima emphasized the significance of a robust curriculum in shaping the educational landscape. The workshop was tailored for high-ranking officials within the Ministry of Education and focused on enhancing their expertise in curriculum development.

“An effective curriculum is the cornerstone of a nation’s educational system, and it plays a crucial role in nurturing individuals who are equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to thrive in an ever-evolving world,” stated Minister Syakalima. He stressed the importance of a curriculum that not only imparts subject-specific knowledge but also fosters essential life skills, critical thinking, and adaptability.

Florence Ssereno, IBE Programme Specialist, underscored that the initiatives undertaken by UNESCO-IBE align closely with the resolutions outlined in the Transforming Education Summit, a significant event convened last year. These initiatives reflect the shared commitment to revitalize and optimize the education sector, ensuring that curricula remain relevant and responsive to the changing needs of society.

Echoing these sentiments, Peter Wells, UNESCO Chief of Education Section for the Southern African Region Office, emphasized the critical importance of designing a curriculum that tailors learning experiences to individual aptitudes and progress. Wells highlighted the need for curricular frameworks that accommodate varying levels of learning and provide opportunities for personalized growth and development.


  1. The only reform this backwards country needs is gay curriculum to be added. Let our kids learn to accept an inclusive way of life.

  2. Am very worried about these reforms being handles by a UN agency. Instead of focusing on things that are pivotal to our growth and development as a nation like financial literacy, morals including hard work etc, they want to start introducing sins/sinners and lawbreakers whose end is hell according to the Bible and imprisonment according to our constitution. LGBTQ

    • What is the UN doing with our educational reforms? Why dont they feature in the US education system. Why interfere in only us Third Worlders attempt at emancipating ourselves? Because we are manipulable? Iwe Syakalima dont get neo-colonialists into such an important exercise. You should know we need an education curriculum that focuses on us-not on which European man DISCOVERED us. Teach children about African pride-and progress will follow

  3. We’re being deceived again. The only credible curriculum development program is one that includes industrial players because they drive the economy and are the employers of the labour force that the education sector produces. There’s a disconnect between the trainers and the employers. Usually, you need to retrain new recruits to align them to the needs of the industry. Employers spend time and resources doing this. So you can’t gather trainers alone for this program and expect to get the desired results

  4. You do not need the UN to instruct to you how to and what to teach to your children. Most parents did not know what was being taught here in the US until the lock down of covid-19 and the children brought their books home. They were shocked on the “curriculum reform” Now the parents have been going to school board meetings trying to reverse what is being taught other than Math, reading ,writing ,and history. They are don’t want “social ideas” or curriculum reform taught to their children.

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