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Angola-Zambia link to be actualised – Muchima


Ikelenge Member of Parliament Elijah Muchima has reiterated government’s commitment towards enhancing trade between Zambia and Angola through the Jimbe border post in North-western Province.

Dr. Muchima who is also Minister of Lands and Natural Resources has assured that plans to build a pipeline, rail and road connection between Zambia and Angola through Ikelenge district are still active and are expected to be actualised.

 The Law maker was speaking when he handed over road construction equipment procured using the Constituency Development Bank (CDF) at a cost of over K 1.4 million, to the CDF committee in Ikelenge.

The Law maker called on the local authority in Ikelenge district to start repositioning the border town for increased investment.

“Very soon Jimbe border post will have a pipeline and rail line passing through it as a connection between Zambia and Angola, Ikelenge district will benefit from this investment that will transform life in Ikelenge,” he said.

Dr. Muchima further urged management at the Ikelenge Town Council to ensure that its programmes support government’s agenda of boosting trade between Zambia and Angola through the Jimbe border post.

Meanwhile, Ikelenge Town Council Chairperson Joe Chizuza who received the new TLB Front-hoe loader machine on behalf of the local authority pledged to give Ikelenge a facelift and ensure that the equipment is used for the intended purpose.

“The bad state of roads in our constituency will be a thing of the past, we will ensure that this brand-new equipment is used for its intended purpose which is to deliver development to the people of Ikelenge,” he said.

And CDF Committee Chairperson Albetina Chitundu has hailed President Hakainde Hichilema for his continued support to local authorities countrywide through the CDF as the government’s flagship development programme.

“The TLB Front-hoe loader machine which we have procured at a cost of K1.4 million is equivalent to the CDF we were entitled to previously, but with increased CDF we can do much more and procure useful equipment and still remain with some money for other programmes,” she said.

Ms. Chitundu said the committee will ensure that urgent programmes such as feeder roads are worked on to ease movements of goods and services in the district.


    • @Deja Vu
      Its all talk nothing will happen…20 years from today it will still be talk and promise…talk talk and promise…the the trademark of UPND and HH…he went to Angola with a huge entourage together with his wife just for his own personal business…Spaka and TIKKI were busy celebrating…..and today Muchima is saying they’re “hoping”….yes feed Zambians “HOPE”….like Obama did and he ended up killing one of our African beloved President Gaddafi

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  2. UPND always counting chicks before they’re hatched….they keep telling Zambians about “their dreams and wishes “… too my dream is to buy a DB12 Aston Martin next year…..UPND is just full of hot air and the way they announced the Angolan pipeline someone would think they’ve already started building but it turns out it was their usual talk with no substance……and the President traveled to Angola with a huge entourage including his wife…..just to go and blah blah and fool Zambians

  3. Plans Plans Plans Plans Plans Plans plans to build a pipeline, rail and road connection between Zambia and Angola through Ikelenge district are still active and are expected to be actualised.

  4. This minister reminds me of another sycophant Kamalondo (UNIP) in the 80s, with his shallow and embarrassing thought process. Maybe they are blood relations.

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