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Kasama street vendors defy directive to vacate the streets


Street vendors in Kasama District have remained defiant and have not adhered to the directive given by the local authority for them to vacate the streets and trade from designated areas.

A check by the Zambia News and Information Services (ZANIS) found vendors who trade near Shoprite stores and other places within the Central Business District doing their daily business.

The vendors have, however, urged the Kasama Municipal Council to open a market for them in the midst of the Central Business District (CBD) at the former market place.

“Let the council move the truck’s parking place to another location and construct a new market where the old one stood,” said Monica Chanda.

And when contacted for a comment, Kasama Municipal Council Assistant Public Relations Manager Charity Chaiwila said the directive to stop street vending is country wide.

Ms Chaiwila said the council had before given the vendors an ultimatum to move to designated trading places.

She added that the council will soon move in  to remove the street vendors when logistics are put in place.

The Kasama Municipal Council last week issued an ultimatum of August 9, 2023, for all vendors in the CBD to vacate and start trading from designated markets.

In another development, Kasama District Commissioner Elizabeth Goma has called on both government and private institutions to construct path ways to enable people living with disabilities access their premises.

And Kasama Mayor Theresa Kolala expressed gratitude that the district administration is making slopes on its building to enable persons with disabilities access government offices.

Mrs Kolala who paid a courtesy call on Mrs Goma said the district administration has set a good example for everyone to follow.


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