Monday, June 24, 2024

Mine suppliers and contractors praise govt. for stimulating growth in the mining sector


The Association of Mine Suppliers and Contractors have commended the government for putting in place policies that are stimulating growth in the mining sector.

Speaking in an interview in Kitwe , Association President Coster Mwaba said the government is implementing positive policies that are attracting investors in the mining sector which has resulted in the opening of new mine operations and implementation of expansion programmes in some mines.

He cited the new operations at Munali Nickel Mine Kafue, Mimbula Mine in Chingola and the expansion works at First Quantum Mine in Solwezi, as some of the positives being recorded in the sector.

He said the developments entail more business opportunities for the mine suppliers and contractors which he said will in turn boost other businesses.

Mr. Mwaba also acknowledged the efforts the government is making towards unlocking the Mopani and Konkola Copper Copper Mine.

He said the Association is happy with the progress being made by the government on the process.

He explained that the Association is aware of the complexity of the process as such it will be patient with the government so that an excellent deal is arrived at for both mines.


  1. Take him to Ndola’s Mental Block to have his head examined. Why are suppliers and contractors protesting at Lumwana? Why don’t they want Vedanta back? Let me not waste time trying to reason with someone who doesn’t seem to be sane

  2. Good news like this and all the noise NPF cadres are quiet unbelievable. They just want to criticize night and day while offering no solutions. The country was sliding backwards during their reign including the mining sector.

    • Mimbula and Munali are not new entities and their resuscitation didn’t start when Hakainde took office please. Please find something else to do instead flattering praises.

    • #China tapali ifya PF apa. There’s no country called PF or Upnd. We live in Zambia. Good news should be truthful not one which is propaganda.

  3. If the government it doing well better you say it , however what matters is what the general populace say what is working people notice it publicly .

  4. @ China
    With people like you Zambia will never develop…what good news are you talking about…taking Zambians for granted…good news to you maybe you’re in the Government and chewing with HH ….

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