Facilitate for easy acquisition of land for public workers -Katambi


North-western Province Permanent Secretary Gladson Katambi has urged the council in Mufumbwe district to facilitate the easy acquisition of land for public service workers.

Speaking when he addressed Civil Servants in Mufumbwe district, Retired Colonel Katambi said this helps them adequately prepare for retirement and curb destitution and lack of proper accommodation.

The Permanent Secretary said public service workers have limited time to do other things hence the need for the council to expedite processes for them to acquire land in the district.

“These guys spend most of their time in the offices, so Sir there must be a deliberate policy like I am telling your friends where you have new land give them an opportunity to also acquire land”.

Meanwhile, Mufumbwe Town Council Chairperson Lemmy Masiye says the local authority has committed to ensuring that civil servants are given an opportunity to acquire land.


  1. You are working in government all your life, we pay you every month for this. After retirement you still have a package, so what more facilitation you want? Yourself must facilitated your land acquisition. There are people who can’t find work all their lives yet they own land. But you u are working and you still want corruption(facilitation). For what? Leave work then we can facilitate, you can’t have it both ways. Facilitation is for those not working – you work, you can afford – just buy!

  2. There should be no special treatment for any group of Zambians. Al are equal before the law. These are lazy workers we all know that

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