Saturday, June 22, 2024

Kasama street vendors removed


A combined team of state and Council Police have swung into action and removed trading stands for street vendors who operate from the Central Business District (CDF) in Kasama.

The exercise which started around 05:00 hours was aimed at eradicating street vendors from the streets.

The Police are now patrolling the central business district to ensure that no one is allowed back on the street.

 Kasama Municipal Council Assistant Public Relations Manager, Charity Chaiwila said the move to remove street vendors is aimed at restoring sanity in town.

Ms Chaiwila explained that the local authority had earlier engaged stakeholders who include traders on the need for vendors to move from the streets.

She said the vendors were given an ultimatum to vacate the streets by August 10,2023 adding that the team has since moved in to eject those who were not willing to move on their own.

She said the local authority had secured enough trading spaces in the markets where the vendors will be allocated.

“The local authority has enough spaces in existing markets which are not occupied,” she disclosed.

Ms Chaiwila has also warned the public that the local authority will not tolerate any vending in the central business district.

Ms Chaiwila has also thanked all those who complied with the directive to vacate the streets.

Ms Chaiwila said this in an interview with ZANIS in Kasama today.

And a local businessman in Kasama has commended the Kasama Municipal Council for enforcing the law to remove street vendors.

Francis Mutale who runs a business complex said the presence of street vendors in Kasama had compromised the sanity situation in town.

He called on all stakeholders to work with the local authority in restoring sanity in town.

Mr Mutale said it was difficult to drive around town because street vendors had occupied the drive ways.

He also advised politicians not to politicise the move by the local authority but to support the move for the betterment of the people in the area.

Meanwhile, some affected street vendors have vowed to return to the streets.

Moses Mwenya said he has been in the markets before and business is not as good as it is in the streets because people prefer to buy from the streets than going to the markets.

Mr Mwenya appealed to the local authority to find a place within town where the council can allocate them space to be trading from.



  1. Please also can you bring sanity at Intercity bus station. There are too many call boys wanting to carry my bag and leading me to the bus like i have no eyes arms and legs.

  2. Please I beg you in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ to leave my mbuyas on the street. We do not want monkey steak in the markets. That meet can only be sold on the street.


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